The Curry Coastal Pilot

Eliminate the negativity


I wish to express my congratulations to Doris Burck for her letter "Enough of the Obama Bashing,"(Pilot, Oct. 21).

Until we eliminate the terrible negative feelings that this country is experiencing, will we be able to come together on the many issues that need our immediate attention for the good of our country.

Again andndash; congratulations Doris andndash; I'm sure many of us feel the way you do.

Marjorie Schmidt


Shasta has found a home


Just an update on Shasta, the rescue out of Del Norte County, who was burned in a fire, had 11 pups, and was skin and bones.

I placed her today and she was a sweetheart of a dog. I am glad she got to spend a week with us at the Curry County Animal Shelter (CCAS). She did have a hard time as she clung to me when her new foster dad was taking her. The dogs at our shelter come to know and love me. I am their "mom" until that special human comes to take them home. Sometimes I laugh as the dogs don't want to go for a walk, they want to stay right next to their "mommy" andndash; me their caregiver. Think about it. They see me every day, play with me, love with me and be my friend. The human part of me hopes he brings her back andhellip; love is a special thing and Shasta was special. If you would have seen her burns you would understand how CCAS had to take her in.

A very kind, wonderful man was going fishing one morning and saw little Shasta outside and asked what happened to her. I told him the story and he reached into his wallet and gave a donation to buy her a coat as he could see she would be cold in the weather. A tourist helping a dog in need. God bless you.

I am proud to be a part ofour shelter and to be able to rescue dogs and place them. CCAS has come along way! There was a time that the animals at the shelter spent most of their day in their insidekennels. That was before we asked for help. Now they spend all day outside in the fresh air. That is thanks to you our community for donating and helping "House our Hounds."

To all the people and businesses in Curry County who support our shelter, thank you. You are all our dogs have. They depend on you and me to give them their basic needs andndash; love, comfort, shelter, food and water. Without you they are lost.

Thank you and God bless you.

Catherine Powers

Curry County Animal Shelter

Gold Beach

Can mill offer a compromise?


I have lived with the sawmill's noise for 23 years.

I live three miles away and, at times, it sounds as if the mill is in my yard.

I am not advocating that the mill be closed. The day and evening shifts can be lived with and there is no longer a graveyard shift. However, when people retire at 10:30-11 p.m. and then are abruptly awakened at midnight or 1 a.m. with all the crashing, banging, beeping and now, an added thumping you can actually feel, it seems highly inconsiderate of the owner of the mill to expect people to accept that noise level.

It is medical fact that excessive noise is detrimental to a person's health. It would seem to me that excessive noise that disrupts sleep for one to two hours would be even more detrimental.

Is it really asking too much to request the mill owner to show some consideration and respect for residents by allowing us 8 hours of quiet at night. Perhaps 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. or 11 7 a.m. That time frame is not interfering with shift workers and should cause no one financial hardship.

Brookings' economy is dependent on its senior retirees to keep it stable, more so than any other segment of the population, since we make up 65 percent or more of the residents. Many of us live in the Harris Heights, Dawson, Cape Ferello and Carpenterville Road areas. We are the ones with the most health concerns and the need for uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, we are also the ones most impacted by the sawmill's late night horrendous noise. Windows closed and earplugs in, you can still hear it.

Surely there is room for compromise.

Jan Carringer


Three women are angles


I want to again commend the wonderful threesome: Kathy, Jamie, and Gene, at the Christian Help Thrift store (in Gold Beach).

If you haven't visited them yet, you must do so andndash; if you only go in and walk around.

They have just installed new indoor-outdoor carpeting, and it makes the place shine! Speaking of shine andhellip; all the merchandise is in excellent condition and everything that's supposed to work does! The glassware is beautiful and some pieces are collectable. There are lots of cups, coffee pots, silverware, and picture frames. There are tools, lamps, golf clubs, movie tapes and puzzles.

I have found nice toys and books for my great-grandkids. Their book supply is endless in both hardback and paperback, with many well-known authors, and lots of cookbooks. The closing is in excellent condition, with good choices for women, men nd children.

So go in and say "hello" to them. They always appreciate your receipts from McKay's and Ray's Markets. And if you have donations to give take them to Gene at the back door. They are located on Colvin Street behind the courthouse.

Elizabeth A. Peale

Gold Beach

Hospice sale is the place to go!

Dear Editor:

I am currently working as an elf at the Home Health and Hospice's Rummage Market.

Have you noticed all the cars in the parking lot over there lately? That's because we elves are busy getting ready for the Saturday, Nov. 7, Christmas Sale. We're now in the process of putting the finishing touches on things so that Curry County folks can find Christmas decorations and lots of terrific gifts for Christmas. All items are clean and in good (or better) condition. Did you know that the ladies working the clothing department actually wash, dry and iron each item?

In these tough economic times, what a better place to start one's holiday shopping! And of course we still offer our other typical rummage market stuff If it's ornaments for the tree, a platter on which to serve the Thanksgiving turkey or extra dishes to accommodate guests, a new look for those holiday parties, or gifts for everyone from Tiny Tim to Great Grandma, the Hospice Rummage Market is the place to go. And, you'll be helping the dedicated Hospice Staff to better serve the community's needs.

So, I strongly recommend that everyone check out the Curry County Home Health and Hospice Rummage Market Holiday Sale on Saturday, Nov. 7, from 9 to 3. Drive 101 through Gold Beach and turn left just after bridge: we're the huge building with the giant parking lot down a bit on the left.

Hope to see you there! It's worth the trip.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Telephone is a basic necessity


A telephone is a basic necessity in today's world.

Anyone who is handicapped or on a limited income may be eligible for the Oregon Telephone Assistance Program (OTAP). This benefit is administered by the Oregon Public Utility Commission and helps to pay for monthly telephone service and also provides special telephone equipment for people with hearing, speech, or mobility problems through the Telecommunications Devices Access Program (TDAP).

For more information call 800-848-4442 or visit

Joe Willett