The Curry Coastal Pilot

Great time to start a business


Many people see the economy getting worse, and don't know what to do about it.

Stores and restaurants are struggling and closing. The stimulus packages haven't had much visible effect. The next step is for the government to start cutting the social programs.

Actually, this is a great time to start a new business. During hard times, more patents are registered than any other time. Each of us has talents and gifts we can market, and by assuming responsibility for the cut social programs, we can use our talents to move forward, and bring everyone else forward, also. Social entrepreneurism is the solution. Solve the problem if you see a dark cloud on the horizon. Do what is in everyone's best interest and there are no obstacles.

Karen Holmes


Let's play 'Find a quote'


It's a fascinating idea andndash; Let's try to find an exact quote by Obama on a Medicare reduction statement.

This tactic is the same approach as the shell game of who has a draft medical reform bill. Our Congressional guys at public meetings in the county each said healthcare bills are not written so we can't discuss any of the drafts: shell game. But, that isn't any more rational than "find a quote."

The real problem is that you can't see a bill (if we have one at all) and you will never see a bill until it is signed by whatshisname. Even then, the volumes of paper will hide the lawyer gobbledygook to be brought up when needed to make a claim that, hey, it was in the bill all along: shell game.

Let's recap: Medical bills and all other bills by the Obama cartel from Chicago are all going to be shell games of bait and switch. But, wait, then they write the regulations to make any thing they want out of each new law: It's their game plan. You can quote me.

Doug Bewall

Gold Beach

Supporting local farmers markets


We want to thank the community for supporting the Saturday Farmers' Market this season.

Everyone enjoyed seeing all your smiling faces.The Saturday market will reconvene the second Saturday in June, 2010.There will be a winter market at the Grange beginning Nov. 6, on Fridays from 1 to 6 p.m., for 11 weeks.

Thanks again for your support.

Violet and Len Burton


Give Shasta a big kiss from me


This is regarding the letter about "Shasta" that Ang Kunzelmann wrote (Pilot, Oct. 21).

I want to thank you so much for not turning your back on a helpless, beautiful baby, that so desperately wanted help.You are Shasta's hero, just as Shasta is your hero! She showed the world her strong will to live no matter how or what the situation was for her to go through.

Everyone involved will take something from this that will touchtheir hearts and souls forever.Just by looking into those thankful eyes of hers, to finally know what love is about, and to have food, and to have a warm place to sleep without fear.

I want to thank each and everyone of you, from the depth of my soul for the help you showed and were not afraid to give.Shasta and her familyhas a chance now to receive heartwarming pats and kisses and so her puppies will never have to know what their mom has gone through.

My heart broke and ached at thesame time, as I am typing this out through my tears, to think how any person could be so selfish, uncaring and so many more words come to mind for treating an innocent creature the way Shasta was treated.

Just think, we are suppose to be the superior being andhellip; may I say only some are, those who have an open heart and open arms to receivethe helpless.Thank you so much, and I know without a doubt, Shasta knows she was saved.Bless your hearts, and please give Shasta a big kiss from me!

Beverly Duncan


Many donors help Elks Club


The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Brookings Lodge 1934 and Emblem Club 265 would like to thank the following donors who gave to our Drug Awareness Fair held on Oct, 3.

Their support was greatly appreciated. They are Store Director Matt Galli and Fred Meyer store in Brookings, Brookings Police Officer Dustin Watson and his dog Charger, McGruff the Crime Dog, Pepsi Cola, Oregon State Police Association, KTVL Channel 6.

Thank You

Drug Awareness chairs

William Hamilton and Michelle Harris, Elks Lodge 1934 and Emblem Club 265, Brookings

Low opinion of people of faith


Regarding Sheila Chambers' letter (Pilot, Oct. 21): I'd be interested, Ms. Chambers, on your facts?

"The vast majority of violent, if not all, prisoners, claim to be religious, mostly Christian." Can you support that statement?

Your letters frequently display your low opinion of people of faith, especially Christians. Please produce your proof.

Laurie Reynolds


Learn about foreign policy


Great Decisions is a national program that provides the opportunity for people of all ages and background to learn and understand major foreign policy issues facing the United States.

Great Decisions is sponsored by the Foreign Policy Association. Their publication provides balanced articles on the eight critical issues chosen for discussion during 2010 whichare: Special Envoys, Kenya and R2P, Preventing Global Crime, US-China Security Relations, Global Financial Crisis, Russia and its Neighbors, Persian Gulf, Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. The briefing book costs $18.

There currently are three Great Decisions discussion groups in the Brookings-Harbor area. The groups are limited to about 15 members to allow for easy discussion. A morning group meets Friday mornings 10 a.m. till noon at the Chetco Community Public Library during February and March. For information call Joe Teresi at 469-3473. Another group meets Monday evenings at the library andndash; if interested call Francia White at 469-2645. The third group meets Sunday evening, mainly couples. Phone Mrs. Gross 469-4980 for info on joining that group.

Jim Benson