The Curry Coastal Pilot

Tranny Man to the rescue


Perhaps you remember a letter a while back about a van from St. Joseph's School.

Our grandchildren are attending there this year and St. Joseph's is letting us use their van to transport ours and three more children! It needed tires and Les Schwab kindly donated new tires andndash; great people!

Well we ran into a new problem! The van wouldn't start all the time. Tranny Man to the rescue! Joe and his crew fixed the timing and replaced the fuel pump and were so great to donate the cost for the repairs! I'm telling you, we live in one of the greatest places here in Brookings, the beautiful ocean and the gorgeous trees, and the great people!

Thank you all! God bless you all.

Lee and Patricia Burch


Final meeting for pet rescue


Don't miss this final meeting for 2009.

Be sure and mark Oct. 20 on your calendar andndash; you won't want to miss thisbrainstorming and panel of guest speakers: Ira Tozer,Donny Dotson, Animal Control, etc. Wewant your ideasfor keepingpets safe, and the best plan of action for rescuing if they become lost. The meeting starts at 6:30 p.m., at the library, 405 Alder St., and refreshments are served.

The Pet Rescue Committee wants to thank the nice folks who made donations at our information table at the supermarket; also congratulations to those who won a prize for stopping by!

We also thank themanagers and their corporate offices for allowing these events: Justin at Ray's Food Place (C and K Market, Inc.) at the end of September; as well as Matt atFred Meyer One Stop Shopping (KrogerCorporation), the first week of October.

Another rescue story: Some months ago, one ofour committee people saw two dogs wandering around by Hemlock and Oak.With the help of a neighbor who called to them, they came running over immediately and got into the vehicle. Several people commented on how friendly and cooperative they were. Later Animal Control returned them to their owners ... unfortunately they got out of their yard at leasttwice overthe next few weeks, sohopefully the fencehas since beenrepaired.

Can you answer this question?What are the four main goals of the Pet Rescue Committee? Come to the meeting with your thoughtful answer and you may win a prize.

Thank you for helping support your community.

Cathy Cato


Great support for veterans!


Veterans Day is upcoming on Nov. 11.

What a wonderful community this is for veterans! The fantastic work of the Red Shirt organization, the remodeling of the VFW hall, and all the great functions held there for the entire community, as well as veterans, the activities of our local Coast Guard detachment, and the various projects of the Marine Corps League, not the least of which is the upcoming Toys for Tots program held each year at Christmas time.

And this year's Marine Corps Birthday Ball is being held on Nov. 14 at the Elks Lodge, which will honor all World War II veterans present. Veterans of that era are encouraged to attend, and with a paid dinner ticket, will receive a free limo ride to and from the ball as well as special seating with fellow World War II vets.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Bob Gilmore, 541-251-4167,

God bless all you veterans and troops currently serving in the defense of this great country. Semper Fi.

Dick Weber


Morality and school


A young boy in Florida has been doused with alcohol and set on fire by school bullies.

He is in critical condition in the hospital. One more incident of senseless brutality in our schools today.

How long will we, as a people, tolerate this. We ask how can God allow this to happen, in our schools. The answer is, he is not in our schools because we have forcibly evicted him. Students no longer learn morality from what Thomas Jefferson called the greatest source of morality in the world, the Bible, because it is no longer taught in our schools. Students no longer learn compassion by praying for and with fellow students because prayer has been evicted from our schools.

How long before we wake up to the lessons of history that this destructive brutality did not occur prior to 1960 when God was evicted from school. I ask again, show me a Columbine-type shooting, or other horrible acts of brutality such as these prior to 1960. The answer is, you can't. I went to a country high school, and we came to school with a rifle on a rack in our pickups and did not shoot a single student. It is a capital crime that the greatest source of morality, the basis for the laws of our country, and the very basis for the form of our government per James Madison cannot be taught in our schools.

I was asked why I was writing this letter; nobody is listening.Well I refuse to believe that no one is listening. I refuse to believe that, as a nation, we are so calloused that we do not care about events like this.How many more children have to die or be maimed before we realize what the problem is and correct it.

Dom Petrucelli, pastor

Safe Harbor Christian Fellowship


Yes! Charge less, get more


Regarding your Oct. 14 editorial "Charge less, get more," I completely agree.

It brought to mind this year's Ducky Derby. Last year ducks were $5 each and there were special packs to get a T-shirt for multiple adoptions at, I believe, $25. It seemed like half the community had dark blue Ducky Derby shirts and every group in town were selling them. This year the cost of a duck went to $10 each and I believe to get a t-shirt you had to spend $50. I didn't see very many of the new light blue Ducky Derby shirts this year.

Last year I took part in the selling ducks for several groups. This year a couple of those groups decided not to sell ducks because of the $10 cost. Many people said, "They are too expensive. I can't afford $10."

It's like a business man saying that sales are down so let's double the price to increase our revenue!

I would like to know how this years results compared to last years. Perhaps the Rotary Club has done the math and will let us know.

Allan Stewart


Price of events is not a factor


The Oct. 14 editorial "Charge Less Get More" set me down in this chair, counting to ten.

Yes, we are in "tough economic times." Why is it that small business owners are the ones to be called upon to give up profits instead of the utility companies and landlords?

Charging less does not guarantee more sales. There is also a "break-even" point that cannot be denied. Small business owners are struggling to come up with ideas and options to stay alive. Most of the ideas cost money. Believe it or not entertainment cost money. Musicians, artists and actors deserve to get paid. The businesses that invite them to perform at their establishments deserve to "break even," at least on the cost of having the doors open and the venue available

Top entertainment is not just for a particular business to profit. Top entertainment adds to the ambiance of the community in general. I resent the notion that small businesses should be asked to consider giving up what meager profits they have during these "tough economic times" for any reason.

How much more advertising could the newspaper sell if they cut their prices in half? Would cutting the price of an ad really bring in more sales or just give those that are already advertising a bargain?

Finally, I resent the comparison between a brick and a musician/artist. By the way, visit the local art galleries and check on the cost of "Art." Visit one of the local "nice" eating establishments; look at the cost of dinner for two. Thirty dollars for my wife and I to enjoy an evening of great musical entertainment is cheap by comparison. There are plenty of 'inexpensive" musical events that no one shows up for. Price is not the factor.

Gordon Later


Tsunami? 911 cannot help


Your Sept. 30 article about the tsunami advisory indicated that there was no threat of inundation by the Samoa tsunami andndash; but you did have a potentially serious inundation.

The story pointed out that the 911 dispatch centers were inundated with calls; thus any actual need for emergency response was cut out.

It would certainly be great if the many ignorant, thoughtless, dumb, and nutty people who cause this problem could somehowbe filtered out immediately.

If you have a possible tsunami problem, 911 cannot help you. If you feel a strong earthquake, walk away from the shore. In any other case, you will get ample warning, as the story showed.

Incidentally, the next step after an advisory, for a possibly hazardous tsunami, will be a WATCH, six hours before the first wave hits. I am the tsunami advisor for Hawaii County Civil Defense.

For information, check

George D. Curtis

affiliate professor

University of Hawaii

Beware hospital district's plans


Fellow Curry County citizens: This is to advise you that there is a serious financial liability planned for your future.

The Curry Health District (CHD) is the perpetrator. They are planning to build a new $13.5 million clinic in Brookings next to the fire station.

The CEO of CHD is Mr. McMillan. I called him to discuss how his group arrived at their decision. Many of his answers were alarming to me, and it became apparent that Mr. McMillan is fairly new to the area and does not understand the dynamics in play here in Curry County and Del Norte County.

First of all Curry General and Sutter Coast are hanging on by threads. In fact, Sutter is cutting the number of licensed beds and Curry General averages six to eight beds occupied out of 18 total beds. Now, can someone explain to me how three medical centers are going to make it, if two are struggling now? Mr. McMillan says he will bring "specialists" here; not going to happen with low volume.

Here is the weird part: Brookings is not part of the CHD. Gold Beach and Port Orford are part of CHD. So if a new clinic cannot sustain itself, the folks in Gold Beach and Port Orford will be on the hook for millions. But wait, the people of Brookings will be asked to vote on joining CHD, and guess what, it could pass. Need I say more? The whole project is "sketchy."

I've made two requests for the survey work from Mr. McMillan. Both times he said he would get the data right out to me. It has been several weeks and I am still waiting.

Mike Schrum


Helping those helping others


On Friday (Oct. 16) the seniors at Brookings-Harbor High School participated in the annual Bruin Day, which involves sending seniors from the high school all around the community to work on a variety of community service projects.

I wanted to publicly thank the Salty Dog Coffee Bar for providing complementary coffee to any of the participants in the Port of Brookings-Harbor clean up that wanted it.

Robert Wilson, Teacher


Bullying tactics and health care


I happen to disagree with the Tea Baggers that would describe Obama as a Socialist or a Communist.

That sort of rhetoric is pure nonsense, but I agree with the sentiment that Obama and the Democrats are using bullying tactics to get their "Health Care Reform" bill passed.

Barack Obama was all for a Single Payer Health Care system when he was an unknown state senator in Illinois running for the U.S. Senate. Obama changed his tune about Single Payer when he became a big shot running for president and he now claims, as president, that support for Single Payer is an "extremist" position. This is pure nonsense for a politician to change his position so easily, depending on what audience they are talking to at the time.

Obama and the Democrats claimed for the longest time that there were 47 million people who were uninsured, and then, as if by magic, Obama changes the figure to 30 million.

What's the matter, Obama? Illegal immigrants don't need health coverage anymore when your precious poll ratings start going into the toilet?

Joe Wilson was right: Obama is a cheap political hack from Chicago and he cannot be trusted.

Obama should not be president; all the crooked politicians in D.C. who supported the TARP bailout for Wall Street should be behind bars.

By the way, the bill in Canada that made Single Payer a reality was only 13 pages long. Why is the bill being proposed by the Democrats over 1,000 pages and how come the honest Democrats on Capitol Hill don't even want anybody to read the bill?

Sounds pretty crooked to me. Passing this health care bill without reading about all the details would be about as stupid as letting a tax cheat like Charles Rangel write all our tax laws.

Whoops, he already does that.

Joe Thomas


Denying woman her day in court


Jamie Leigh Jones was a young woman working her fourth day on the job in Baghdad for contractor Halliburton/KBR in 2005, when she says she was drugged and gang-raped by seven U.S contractors and held captive by two KBR guards for 24 hours so she could not report the crime.

But more than four years after the alleged crimes occurred, Jones has still not had her day in court because when she signed her employment contract, she lost her rights to a jury trial. She was forced into secret, binding arbitration.

This would be shocking enough except for what happened after the crime.

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) proposed an amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that would withhold defense contracts from companies like KBR "if they restrict their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court."

Speaking on the Senate floor yesterday, Franken said: "The constitution gives everybody the right to due process of law. andhellip; And today, defense contractors are using fine print in their contracts to deny women like Jamie Leigh Jones their day in court."

So who voted against the amendment?

Thirty congressmen.

All men; all Republicans.


Anne O'Dell