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No place like your home


Each year, AFS welcomes more than 2,700 international high school students to the U.S.

These are outstanding young people who were selected in their home countries to study in U.S. high schools and are eager to experience what it's like to live in America. Hosting a student for a year or semester is something you and your family can do to bring more understanding to the world at a time when the world really needs it.

AFS hosts in Brookings every year and we hope to continue that tradition this year.

Local AFS volunteers will support you and your hosted student throughout the process to help you both receive the most from your time together. Host families provide a bed, meals, and the same guidance they would give to their own children.

AFS welcomes all kinds of families. To find out more about hosting, call 1-800-876-2377 or visit

Colin Lazzaro-Smith

Hosting Marketing



Republican party hijacked?


It looks like the Republican Party has been taken over by lunatics.

Whether it's the "teabaggers" who are sore losers, or the "birthers" who are racists who don't have the nerve to admit it, or the outright racists who don't need any cover, the conservative movement has been hijacked. Who could have imagined that electing a black president would make so many Republicans go crazy?

This insanity is driving women, young people, black and brown people and every other demographic group away from the Republicans. The only group that's holding strong for the Republicans is "older white men." The problem is, they're dying faster than new, hate-filled recruits can be groomed by Fox News and Rush.

Moderate Republicans have two choices: Take your party back from the kooks, or join the middle, where the vast majority of your fellow Americans are, and help us and our president get OUR country back on track.

Larry Schelter

Gold Beach

Perpetuating the lies


Mark Twain once observed that a lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on.

It seems that the Pilot is determined to help this process along by publishing any and every ridiculous lie that someone submits in the form of a letter to the editor, especially if it's directed against Barack Obama, liberals, or Democrats. One of latest is an outrageous letter by Doug Bewall published in the August 1 edition. Mr. Bewall wrote that the "Democratic rulers" want to use healthcare reform to kill people above age 65.

Mr. Bewall's first "fact" to support this claim is that everyone over age 65 will face a mandatory review by a functionary chosen by Democratic rulers to see how they want to die, with a review every five years thereafter. This offensive lie has gained traction among opponents of healthcare reform, but it remains a lie. Nothing in any of the current proposals says any such thing. It bears a vague resemblance to a section of the House reform bill that would allow Medicare to pay healthcare providers (not government "functionaries") to advise patients on issues such as a durable power of attorney or a living will once every five years. This counseling isn't mandatory.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) issued a press release calling this alleged fact "a gross, and even cruel, distortion."

Rest assured that Mr. Bewall's other assertions are equally ridiculous, and the Pilot will continue to publish letters like his.

Tomas Bozack


Learn about Burning Man


There's been a great mythology around Burning Man, that eventwhere 50,000 people gather in the Nevada desert the week before Labor Day.

The mythology hasprimarily been carried by rumorsfrom what someone has read, which was usually written by someone who spent part of a dayearly in the eight-day event so that they could make their deadline. That's like going through all of the Smithonians in Washington DC in a day and then writing about it.

Today's Art Walk will provide a special look at Burning Man through a 10 year collection of20books and videosfilled with incredible photography. Come to the small conference room off the lobby at the Chetco Library today between 4 and 7 p.m. You'll get a much better feel of the actual event. And all questions will be answered.

Gordon Clay


Ignoring need for a dog park


I am curious to know why the city is spending money "improving" Stout Park, when it is a perfectly lovely, accessible, pleasant park?

For years dog owners in this town have been requesting space for a dog park somewhere in Brookings, even offering to put in the labor and materials! Instead, the city is choosing to improve a park that doesn't need improving and continues to ignore the needs of local and visiting dog owners.

Responsible dog owners would like a place where they can legally allow their dogs to socialize off leash. It makes for better behaved and happier dogs.

When is Brookings going to get with the program?

Cathleen Witt


Another day in paradise?


Good morning, Oregon!

It's Sunday morning.I'm having my coffee, feeding the jays, and watching the quails forage for breakfast.

Hummingbirds are zipping around my deck and I'menjoying the ocean view.

Time to read the Pilot and see what's new in this fair state.Just another morning in Paradise.

I see a new Roadways Tax package was signed.

1. 6 cents a gallon gas tax, a 25-percent increase

2. two-year Vehicle Registration Fee increase to $86 from $54, a 59-percent increase

3. Vehicle Title Fee increase to $77 from $55, a 40-percent increase

4. The cost of license plates to $20 from $5, a 300-percent increase

The governor and legislative leaders even mentioned a "struggling economy."

Gee, with their salaries and perks paid by us, what would they know aboutstruggling.Obviously they sure don't struggle.

Times are bad; people losing jobsand homes, struggling to make ends meet.So, let's just raise taxes.They did it in California.We can do the same.

"Don't ya just love spending someone else's money?"

Since when does Oregon mimic California?They have the Terminator; maybe we should do some "terminating" in Salem; like an old fashioned "witch hunt."

Which greedy legislators voted "Yes" on these huge tax/fee increases?Once in office they promptly forget for whom they work.Actually, they don't forget andndash; they work for Big $ and Special Interest groups, not the people who are naive enough to believe their campaign promises.

Oh well, Oregon andndash; it's business as usual in Salem. Only we, the people, have to live within our means.Legislative Economics 101.

W. Doc Howard


Stop suffering of animals


It's that time of the year when shelters around have gotten overwhelmed with unwanted animals or circumstances have arisen they had to give up their pets.

The main reason, though,is people will not spay or neuter their animals.This is so important for people to do, not only to give their pets a healthier and longer life, but to stop the suffering of animals.

I've heard people say, "I just want them to have one litter. ..." OK , now think about this; that litter will go into another litter and so on ... you have started another cycle.

Some of the unwanted pets are lucky enough to end up in the shelters; yes, lucky enough to live in a shelter. Others aren't as lucky ... some are just left to make it on their own, abandoned, scared and starving, somewill get abused and treated like garbage.Why would you not want to discourage this to happen? Please, spay and neuter your pets.There areprograms to help you, all you have to do is ask.Do this for your pet so there will be no more unwanted animals; this can be all prevented.

In a perfect world, nodog or cat or anything elsewould be neglected.This can happen if we all work toward the same goal to stop the overpopulation ofunwantedanimals.They give us so much, it's time for us to give back to them, with the same unconditionallove, and compassion.

Beverly Duncan