The Curry Coastal Pilot

Les Schwab donates tires


We would like to thank Les Schwab here in Brookings.

Our grandsons will be attending St. Joseph's School this year and the school is supplying a van for transporting children, but the van was in need of new tires. I spoke with Dan Backman, at Les Schwab, and he was happy to donate the tires! They were installed within a couple of days!

What a nice man, with a great neighborhood business here in Brookings!

A P.S., if I may. If you are interested in St. Joseph's School, they offer preschool through eighth grades. Contact Patricia at 707 464-3477.

Thank you and God bless you.

For St. Joseph's,

Lee Burch


Forced to fund abortions?


As Americans, we are blessed with the freedom to choose our own moral and ethical beliefs.

Recent polls have shown that 51 percent of Americans are pro-life and 69 percent of Americans are against taxpayer-funded abortions. The Americans who make up part of this population must now fight for their right to not have to fund or participate in a procedure that they are morally and/or ethically against.

A current Health Care Proposal purposely avoids using language that explicitly cuts abortion out of the proposal as a minimum benefit. If the proposal is passed without this language, taxpayers will be forced to fund abortions. Furthermore, health professionals could be required to perform abortions under the threat of losing their jobs, regardless of their moral or ethical stance on abortion. Do not let this proposal pass without the language that will keep this from happening.

Write letters to and call your representatives and senator! For more information visit www.StopTheAbortionMan!

Ann Cowan


See sparkle of 'Princess Parade'


What's the connection between BJ Farris, French Royalty and Chetco Pharmacy?

Answer:Joni Finch.

Yes folks, if BJ hadn't written and directed the "Princess Parade," we would never have guessed that the Joni we know and love is a French Princess, incognito.(Does this mean I have to curtsey next time I buy my chocolate 'Aero' bar? Sacre Bleu!)

Moving swiftly onandndash; the BHCT had thepremier of BJ Farris' new play on Friday and, my word, there were a lot of princesses(Matt and Scotty don't count; nice try though!),from arguing Irish twins Tristan and Kaitlin Husted, to the HawaiianRolon familymusic and dance and all points global in between.We had Russian ballerinas with a technically difficult cossack move from one of the girls that made my knees ache just watching her! Katherine McPherson played her flute and a flirty little Ann Cowandoing a Gypsy dance.I particularly liked the line "Shall I cut the cheese?" from Princess Miepof Holland, aka Mariah Wise!These are just a few of the princesses.

Lots of costumes and nice to seeinter-theatre co-operation with the loan from CPP for the castle wallpaper; itfleshed out the set design.BJ helped withcostumesfor Snow White - sharing's good!

Nice family production; needs to 'flow' alittle more, but lots of work done in a shorttimebegsa few kinks. Opening nights are always tough!

Go see the sparkle in the kids' eyesandndash; they put on their "pretties" just for you!(Oh, and say "Bonjour" to Joni!)

Jan Marney


ODFW, quit socking it to us


In response to your article published in the Saturday Aug. 1, 2009, issue of the Curry Coastal Pilot concerning the ODFW raising the fees in 2010 on page 11A: When are they gonna stop.

I can't believe that as a resident of Oregon for over 23 years it costs me $46.50this year to fish for salmon.

Are they NUTS?

They want to raise the rates even higher? Sure they need to increase the salmon count but why don't they fire half their personnel being as how the Oregon State Police do such a good job of lurking in the brush making sure no one keeps more than the limit. Think I'm wrong? how many pictures would you like.

I refuse to pay for a year long permit when I might only go fishing two or three times a year. If ODFW wants to raise more money to fund their programs, let them increase non-resident fees and quit socking it to us residents. If the tourists don't want to pay the extra amount to fish, that just leaves more fish for me to catch.


Resident $24.75 + $21.50 harvest tag

Non-Resident $61.50 + $21.50 harvest tag


Resident $41.20 + $5.50 salmon $6.30 steelhead

Non-Resident$110.80+ $5.50 salmon $6.30 steelhead


Resident $24.00 + $2.50 endorsement

Non-Resident $48.00 + $2.50 endorsement


Resident $25.75no salmon or steelhead tag

Non-Resident $98.25no salmon or steelhead tag

That's my $2 worth.

Randy Waters

Gold Beach