The Curry Coastal Pilot

Help us save the honey bees


I would like to bring to people's attention the fact that our honey bee population andndash; here, across the country and around the world andndash; is experiencing a severe decline.

This will devastate agriculture, which, believe it or not, may have a small effect upon each of us! As such, a friend and I are attempting to "do our part" by starting hives and rescuing bees that would otherwise be exterminated. Bug-E-Boyz call us regularly to rescue bees before they have to remove them. (Please, no yellow jackets!)

The problem is, someone trespassed last week, between the evening of Sept 8, and early morning of Sept 12, onto my property on Meadowwood Lane near Old County Road, and vandalized two hives, completely destroying them with a shovel. We lost several hundred dollars worth of bees and materials, not to mention our loss of several years worth of work and most significantly the loss to the ecosystem.

If anyone can help the culprit to be accountable for their actions, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. 541-813-0260.

Rob Johnson


Review all ODOT projects now


Total incompetence!

By the way, it will be only a few trucks, maybe two per week.

How about two weeks off without pay for all of them! They are all responsible.

Now, poor excuses. They should all be reassigned to Waste Water Treatment (sewage). No! Then we would have E. coli running down the streets and on the beaches. Wait until the big storm and Harbor Hills covers U.S. 101. Wait until the big storm and U.S. 101 and the fields are flooded at McVay Lane. Wait until you can't get from California to Brookings on U.S. 101 because of the decelerating and waiting trucks and doubles at the new weigh station at McVay Lane. Wait until you are on U.S. 101 behind the slowly-accelerating trucks and doubles coming out of the new weigh station.

Need technical review of weigh station design. Now! Wait until you are rear-ended driving south or north on U.S. 101.

Need left turn lane. Hope you and yours make it! Sorry, Never enough money or time to do it right the first time, but always enough time and funds to do it a second time. Especially when spending taxpayer dollars. Wait, It's stimulus. Ha! Forty pairs of eyes overlooked! No, they paid no attention to anyone who did look!

Now need a thorough review of Highway 101 south of Brookings. Bet coordinated stop lights are not part of design. Now watch them have a shoddy redesign at Constitution Way. Yes, just the minimum!

Warren L. Dowler


Wyden's 'smoke and mirrors'


Senator's Wyden's spinmeister Tom Towslee (Pilot, Sept. 16) used his best "smoke and mirrors" in response to my letter to the editor (Pilot, Sept. 9).

I clearly stated, as did the Pilot, that the Senator said andhellip; "adults not documented do not get a dime of free health care."While it is true, as Mr. Towslee stated, that illegals aren't eligible for taxpayer funded healthcare insurance in the Senator's plan, it doesn't say, they will not receive government funded health care.If illegals get sick, they will still go to emergency rooms, which will provide care regardless of the ability to pay.Nothing in Senator Wyden's bill changes that nor does it change us taxpayers from getting stuck with the considerable bills.

Secondly, Senator Wyden's representative tried a sleight of hand trick; calling my statement that his bill allows public funding for abortion "untrue," citing an independent piece of legislation as the basis. This confirms my statement that Senator Wyden's bill does allow for public funding for abortions. The only thing standing in its way (besides the fact that it has been superseded by Senator Baucus' plan) is the Hyde Amendment, which needs to be re-passed annually.

Also note Senator Wyden and his staff still haven't updated his Web site with the actual bill yet.

I stand by the facts I stated regarding Senator's Wyden's bill and nothing in his guy's response supports his charges of my untruthfulness.

Curry County folks live in the sticks; but we are not hicks to be fooled by smooth-talking politicians.Senator Wyden should be more careful about having minions publicly call me untruthful on his behalf.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

What are we really protesting?


Re: Allenby, Hernandez and Samonski: What are we really protesting?

Allenby says that, "We are Americans, we speak English" in protest over one channel (Pilot, Sept. 2).

Hernandez: responds to Allenby by sharing that Americans speak more than one language (Pilot, Sept. 5).

Samonski: lashes out at Hernandez by equating our nations ethnic diversity to illegal immigration (Pilot, Sept. 16).


Gloves off, we are talking about racism. Hernandez made no reference to people in this country illegally. Fact: Americans speak many languages. Fact: Many people of different races are born in the U.S.A. and are legal U.S.A. citizens.

Samonski, you slap Hernandez by accusing her of racism but are you not guilty of "rank racism" when you refer to battles between Mexico vs. The United States as to why we should only speak English? If you want to talk about the content of the channel in question as being inappropriate for kids then let's bring up all of the channels that show smut on TV. Samonski wants one language and wants us to remember how the United States killed Mexicans from Mexico, and vice versa, during the Texas Revolution. Samonski, what will you bring up when Asian channels come on basic T.V.? Will you remind us of the Japanese American internment of 1942?

America has no official language! If you don't like the channel, don't watch it! If you miss the "vital" weather report, read the Pilot! Hopefully they will print it in English for you.

Frank Allen

Crescent City, Calif.

I've got my eye on pet owners



Yesterday my wife and I took advantage of such a beautiful day here in Brookings, and decided to walk Lone Ranch beach.

I noticed several dogs with their owners. There were two people we were watching with a couple of Jack Russell terriers and a pit bull mix; they were all enjoying the water as we were enjoying watching them have fun until they were leaving, and leaving her dogs' feces right on the beach. I noticed the mother saw what her dogs had done and knew we saw what they had left behind but did nothing about picking up after them.

This goes out to you lady: I have your license plate number and I will report you soon.

Mike Waters


Don't cut down any more trees


I cried when I saw that the trees on the property near Crissey Circle are being cut down.

I know the homeless people have camped in there at times, and they like to hang out in one particular area, which has now been logged. That particular area is a "holy" place. It was a tree circle, and the place so pristine that they sat there to find a sense of balance and healing.

A man (who) used to live in Brookings hoped to make that land a sanctuary, a place for meditation, drawing people from all over the world to stay in small meditation retreats. Please do not cut down any more trees. Allow it to be holy.

Karen Holmes


Donate your eye glasses


Friday, Sept. 25., is Statewide Eyeglass Collection Day for Oregon

Were you aware of the fact that the Brookings-Harbor Lions Club collected 1,915 pair of used glasses and 62 hearing aids last year. Thank you! Thank you!

From here one of our members takes them to Medford, than (they) are transported to Portland via a Safeway truck, where they are sorted.

Next step, a women's prison where the ladies calibrate them according to their prescription and back to Portland.

Once a year the Lions Club in Oregon has a mission trip to Mexico. Last year over 9,000 pair of glasses were taken by Lions volunteers (they pay their own way). Two from Brookings. One person from Brookings will go this year to clinics and provide glasses for people who cannot see.

Do you know where you can drop (off) your used glasses? They can be dropped at the big yellow boxes at the following locations: The Eye Center of Brookings,Elks Lodge 1934, Dr. Cink's office, Fred Meyer, Les Schwab, Post office, Pacific Coast Hearing, Chetco Community Public Library, Express Pharmacy, Hearing Health Care, Umpqua Bank.

Carol King

Brookings-Harbor Lions Club

Question for Tea Baggers


This comment is an open question to all the community organizers on the local, state, and national levels, known as Tea Baggers or the Tea Party.

In 2003 Republicans passed the largest partisan Medicare reform act in history, Medicare D. What does something that was passed in 2003 have to do with what is happening now in health care? We are still paying for this reform. We will still be paying for it in the years to come. This reform is unfunded, no new taxes were levied to pay for it. It created a deficit that will be paid for by future generations. We all know about the donut hole in this reform. Once you reach your annual cap, you are forced to pay full price for your meds. The final price tag for Medicare D is $1.2 trillion dollars. Bush's Medicare Czar Thomas A. Scully concealed this higher estimate of cost until after the bill was signed into law by Bush on Dec. 8, 2003. Considering inflation from 2003 (1.6) to 2008 (2.7), and comparing the price tag for the currently proposed 10-year plan(s) for health care reform, the current cost is still billions less than the boondoggle called Medicare D. The former administration was not small government, and we are reminded of this every year when we reach our annual cap for our prescriptions.

This is my question: Is your outrage against President Obama and this administration real, feigned, or maybe you're angry about something else?

Patricia Olmstead


Learn about U.S. history


Discussing current events in America has become very complicated.

Health care advocates cite Roosevelt, Truman and Nixon. Financial talks involve Reagan and JP Morgan. Foreign policy refers to Bush and Wilson. One truth is that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it. Yet how can you know who to believe unless you know about Glass-Steagall, the Monroe Doctrine, or the Fair Deal? Well, your questions can be answered. You can learn about how all these people and events are connected by studying the history of America.

For the first time in several years, this fall in Brookings at SOCC (Southwestern Oregon Community College), I will be teaching American History every Monday evening. The fall course introduces the early United States, from first contact and European colonization, through our War for Independence, and into the Jacksonian Era just before the Civil War. We will explore the major social, economic, cultural, and political themes that formed the causes for what has happened since.

To minimize expenses' there is no required textbook. Instead, several electronic history texts are referenced. They are all public, and available free for download. The schedule of classes will be based on historical events and dates, not chapters in a book.

By gaining an understanding and appreciation for how our nation was formed, you will be able to apply that knowledge to analyze current events, and develop an appreciation for America's leaders and their achievements. You will be able to interpret who we are, where we have been, and what America means for the future.

The ghosts of Jefferson and Hamilton are still haunting the Halls of Congress. Take this course and you will be able to hear them.

Contact the college at 541-469-50 l 7 for registration details.

Dr. Lawrence Witt


Thoughts on ODOT project


I would like to congratulate the folks who worked on our Constitution Way project.

The traffic control girls were on their toes the whole time (it's called survival mode). And, that back-slope turned out great!

As for the rest of it, well let's just say I presume they followed the engineers' suggestions. The fact is any kid drifting by on a skate board could see the project was a truck trap in the making. Why couldn't the workers see it? They probably could. But what the heck, it all pays the same andndash; right?

But now the question arises: How to pay for corrective surgery? Okay, here's a suggestion on how we can raise the money to fix the boo-boo: All we have to do is install a "no left turn" sign on 101 at Oak Street, then enforce the rule with real tickets! It's a proven money-maker andndash; right?

C.L. Grove


Great musical talent in Curry


I wanted our communities to know that Curry County has an incredible amount of musical talent right in our own back yards!

And these musicians were extremely generous in volunteering their talents to make this year's Gold Beach Brew and Artfest a big success. I'd like to publicly thank the following bands and their members: Lon Goddard and Aura Wright; Horst Wolf and Friends; Rogue River Jam with Sharon Guinn, Jack Gollaher, Jan and Frank Burris; Jefferson State Boondock Band with Carl Rovainen, George Layton, Sharon Downs and Ted Erdahl; The Ones with Beau Jones and Jeff Voshall; Hoo Boys with Paul Renner and Harry Hoogesteger; The DeLaney Experiment with Jesse Eells-Adams, Brody Carpenter and Nathan DeLaney.

Nathan DeLaney did a great job as sound tech and with help from Shane Vila they kept the music flowing. And finally I'd like to thank Sean Lyons and Dale St. Clair of KGBR radio for all their support and the live simulcast during the event.

Tammy DeLaney

Gold Beach Brew and Artfest Committee

Gold Beach

No chance for free hospital


Not true. Could have had a free hospital (Pilot, Sept. 16).

A very well-written letter; sorry but not the whole story. It missed the strongest fact. The State of Oregon would not issue a certificate of need to the Southern Curry County Health District. Without this certificate a hospital cannot be built regardless of who pays for it.

I am not for more taxes nor additional fees, just trying to set the record straight.

Harold E. Thiesen


ODOT owns up to its mistake


Congratulation ODOT: ODOT made a mistake and they admitted it was their fault.

No attempts to blame others. A lesson is to be learned in this world of: "It was someone else's fault." Thanks ODOT.

Terry Patterson

Sacramento, Calif.

Pet abuse over child abuse?


After reading your first article on the woman who took her puppy to the river to drown it I called the sheriff's office.

The clerk there said, "We have all the sheriffs in the county looking for her.What kind of woman would do such a thing?"

Wow, I thought. Every day thousands of children are taken to a butcher to be cut up and discarded.When I expressed my reaction, she responded, "That's political. We can't talk about it." When I said that she had asked my opinion (inaugurated the discussion) she said that hers was a rhetorical question.

She talked freely about this recent example of animal abuse even condemning the woman while still innocent but, like many, fell silent about widespread fatal child abuse.

The Curry Coastal Pilot has run five full articles on the killing of the dog (three on the front page, two with photos of the perpetrator.) The contrasting silence of the editors on our killinginnocent human beingsbefore birthbegs explanation.

Yes, animal abuse happening in Curry County makes it newsworthy here. Our state taxes paying for a fourth of Oregon abortions makes this type of abuse an urgentconscientious concern for Pilot readers.The sheriff's office clerk gave "political" as the reason for her silence. What is yours?

Ed Kelly


Want coverage? Buy an ad


This is in response to the letter, (Pilot, Sept. 16) regarding the Pilot's coverage of an event at the corner of Fifth and Chetco Avenues.

If Delores Cooke and Linda Davis and their fellow Tea Party participants felt the need to get the word out to the people of Curry County about the event they should have pooled their funds and purchased an ad from their media of choice. It seems that they take great stock in the Curry Coastal Pilot as a means of letting people know what's happening with their group since they felt the need to write and berate the paper for inadequate coverage. I, too, feel that the Pilot is the best way to reach the most people in Curry County. I lived in Brookings for over 10 years and still have a subscription mailed to me so that I may keep up with all that's happening.

The Pilot and their staff are always out and about in the community, many volunteering with service groups. They work hard to keep their readers informed and I know from personal experience, they work long hours. I for one want to say thank you to Charlie Kocher, Scott Graves, and the entire staff for keeping the small town paper alive and well in Brookings.

The next time your group has an event you want people to know about, try calling Cindy or one of her sales staff for an ad. You can control the content and when the ad is scheduled plus you'll be helping to support a local business.

Lynn McCann

Powell Butte