The Curry Coastal Pilot

Voters were blindsided


It happened with Bill Clinton when the press refused to follow up on rumors about his philandering.

Now we have a president that the press hid the truth about. His mentors and pals are probably the most visible of his shady Chicago past. Older voters pay more attention to hidden facts and Curry County retirees carried the McCain-Palin ticket to a 52 percent victory in the county.

Here's a huge item that no one talks about: Race! Few of us realized that Barack is a racist; as a matter of fact, many people voted for him thinking he would unite our country as promised. Eric Holder, our attorney general, has called white people cowards for not talking about race issues. I felt not talking was a good thing; the less we holler about that issue the more we have accepted it!

Barack's white grandmother proved her love by raising him and giving the necessities to be a bright individual, but he threw her under the bus by leveling her as a typical white person. With a Yale diploma, paid for by taxpayers, his wife slams the United States with this quote after his nomination: "For the first time in my life I'm proud to be an American." Reverend Wright's hate lectures, Barack said, "I never saw them that way." That's a bald-faced lie! He sided with Harvard Professor Gates against the Connecticut police force without knowing the facts. He fires a white, elder federal investigator for finding out bad information against his friend, an African- American mayor in Sacramento. Now the latest shock is our Green Czar Van Jones. If you don't know about him you're watching the wrong news.

Clay Dalrymple

Gold Beach

Republicans are scaring me


I have never been so frightened for my country as I am today.

And conservative Republicans are the cause. You have turned into Nazis! In Nazi Germany children were allowed to hear only the information the Nazi Party approved of. Children had to be indoctrinated in only the right thinking. Conservative Republicans and their talk show mouthpieces now object to President Obama speaking to school children because he might tell them something conservatives do not like or agree with. That's Nazi Germany.

What's next andndash; concentration camps for anyone who does not agree with you?

Not one of you objected for eight years running when President Bush spoke to school children in the same way. And worse, where are the reputable Republicans. Why aren't you standing up howling about the reprehensible suppression of ideas and thought this represents.

Veterans, you fought and died to preserve freedom of ideas, expression, and the free flow of knowledge. Why aren't you screaming at this action of conservatives, taking us right back to the Nazi Germany that you fought so had against.

I have seen many different things in this country but this scares the daylights out of me. Men and women fought and died in one war after another to preserve our freedoms, not watch them ripped out of the fabric of this land. My grandfather did not immigrate, legally I might add, from Italy to a country that would do this.

Conservative Republicans who did this ought to be mortally ashamed of themselves.

Dom Petrucelli


Government is not the problem


Government works.

Some people like to blame all problems on government. They conveniently forget so many government programs that work.

Take fire-fighting. It used to be a chaotic, corrupt business. To get "protection" for your house, you paid a private firm. But, if your neighbors didn't pay, the "fire company" wouldn't save their burning house, and your house burned, too.

For national security, our government-run military is best in the world. And it wasn't private security guards who recently rescued a merchant ship captain from armed Somali pirates. It was U.S. Navy Seals.

During hurricanes and other ocean emergencies, it isn't private rescue crews who jump out of helicopters to save people. It's U.S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue.

Bridges, airports, seaports, rail stations, streets, highways andndash; we don't think twice about public transportation facilities. Yet they are essential for business and personal travel.

Then there's health. The big jump in U.S. life expectancy came decades ago andndash; not from a dramatic medical breakthrough andndash; mainly due to pure city tap water and sanitary sewage treatment, two local government services.

There's the Internet, too. Contrary to what most people think, the Internet was not invented by private industry. It was developed in 1968 as a backup communication system for the U.S. military called ARPANET.

Don't believe it when you hear someone say, "Government is the problem." It's a big lie, created by corporate interests who want you to buy everything from them andndash; education, health care, even air and water.

Pete Chasar


What is Obama's exit strategy?


Obama's Just Deserts and ... What is your Exit Strategy?

Noun just deserts (plural only; not used in singular form) (idiomatic) A punishment or reward that is considered to be what the recipient deserved. It may appear that they're getting ahead by cheating, but they'll get their just deserts in the end. andndash; Wikipedia

Don't waste American lives in a war you don't intend to win. I served proudly in the unpopular Vietnam War. I supported sending troops into Iraq, and feel Obama is pulling them out before the mission is completed. Obama said Afghanistan, not Iraq'is where our armed forces are needed. Now that things are heating up (just like Vietnam and Iraq) once again our nation is being sucked into a quagmire of a costly (both in terms of money and lives) war.

We are in the worst shape monetarily that we have ever been in our history and our "allies" don't pull their fair share in peacekeeping (either in funds or manpower).

The American public elected you because their support soured over loss of American lives during the last administration and on the war's financial drain on our economy, and wanted funds earmarked towards the war effort to be redirected to the needs at home here in the United States.

The past administration was faulted for being short sighted for engaging in a war without having a comprehensive plan or an exit strategy. Obama, what is your exit strategy?

Please don't send our troops into harm's way without being committed to doing what it takes.

Bill Ruth


Attendance counts at BHHS


On Time Attendance counts at BHHS.

Students are more successful when they attend all of their classes regularly. Renewable each month, students with no absences or tardies will be entered into a drawing for large prizes. It is up to the students to check their Power School records for accuracy. The prizes include the following: televisions, laptops, a stereo system, a digital camera, an iPod Touch, and a Wii.

Other Student Programs:

andbull;Bruin Tickets andndash; Staff gives out tickets to students for any good behavior. They are then eligible for drawings for gift cards and our community business gift certificates.

andbull;Evening of excellence andndash; Juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or above after the first semester are invited with their parents to a dinner served by our staff. Last year, we served prime rib at the Flying Gull. It was a great success, and everyone who was invited came.

andbull;Take 10 andndash; On the second Friday of each month (Oct. will be the first chance), students who are on time to every class every day will be able to leave for lunch 10 minutes early. Students must print out their Power School attendance at the end of the month and show their fourth-period teacher in order to leave. This is an accumulative incentive.

andbull;Class Pass the Paw andndash; Every teacher has the chance to nominate one of their classes each month for whatever reason they choose. The nomination card is entered into a school-wide drawing, and the winning class is treated to something chosen by their teacher (example: popsicles).

andbull;Movie day andndash; In partnership with CFCU, all students with no absences or tardies are invited to attend a movie once per quarter. Students who qualify will receive an invitation that must be signed by their parents as permission to leave school early.

Kathy McKee


High School

What Wyden didn't say


After attending Senator Wyden's Curry County town hall meeting, I read his Bill under the "trust, but verify" adage.

Evidently, he hasn't read his own Bill. Senator Wyden stated, "What we are saying in our Bill, the adults not documented do not get a dime of free health care." He also said illegal adults will be deported upon release from the hospital after care if they don't pay.

While his Bill does say illegal adults are not eligible for a "HAPI" plan (yes, that's his acronym for health care insurance policies), the Bill says nothing about illegal aliens not receiving government-funded care or being deported for non-payment for health care services. Further, Wyden's Bill allows public funding for abortions. Section 112 (b) (3) requires insurers to provide supplemental coverage for abortions: coverage which may be federally subsidized. He does allow waivers for insurers associated with religious institutions.

Finally, do the math. If insurers are required to charge the same price for everyone, regardless of age, sex, and pre-existing conditions, those in lower risk groups will pay (perhaps higher premiums) to cover the costs of higher risk groups. Wyden's proposal to mitigate this requires you to participate in a government sanctioned "wellness" program. Note his Web site's Bill is out of date. Guess he/his staff couldn't get around to updating the site since he introduced S.391 seven months ago. That says something!

Aside from his own Bill, Senator Wyden didn't say what he would actually vote for, on any issue. Tell him what you want or live with the consequences.

Dianne Daniels

Gold Beach

Found Wyden unpalatable


Have you ever sat down to a meal thinking this is going to be terrific andndash; and instead of feeling nicely nourished you walk away from the table feeling over-full and nauseous?

That's what it felt like coming away from Senator Ron Wyden's town hall meeting in Gold Beach Friday afternoon. Oh, the food looked good, but it was filled with fat and sugar and the host kept piling more on the plate.

Being polite, you kept eating all the while thinking you might get to like it if you could just get enough. But alas, in the end you left feeling disappointed, as well as nauseous from an overcooked plateful. The host's intention was to make you feel satiated, almost as if just inviting you would make you content. Never mind you only had two days notification to prepare for this fabulous meal and that you couldn't bring as many additional guests as you might otherwise, given time.

The ill-timed and under-publicized feast was held on the Friday morning before the biggest three-day holiday of the year, great timing for a big meal, if you didn't want anyone to attend! But never mind; he has given more town halls than any other politician in America. And believe you me; he has it down to a science!

The 90-minute infomercial on how one (his) governmental healthcare program can usurp another governmental healthcare program was more than filling. And, as his guests we were not asked to bring anything to the table!

Thanks but no thanks andndash; We have had this government meal before and we have never found it palatable.

Sue Adams


Don't hike taxes during recession


All across America citizens, in ever increasing numbers, are screaming to their representatives in Washington D.C., "You don't raise taxes during a recession!"

I was greatly disturbed when I read inSaturday's paper that the Oregon Legislature approved a nearly three-quarters of a billion dollar tax increase (Pilot, Sept. 5).But even more disturbing to me is that the lawmakers in Salem are spending my tax dollars to hire observers to obstruct those who are gathering signatures to overturn this rape of the Oregon taxpayer.

When will thoseelected officials learn the basic rule of economics 101 ... "If you don't have it, don't spend it."California hasn't yet learned this and look what happened to them.

Many of their businesses are leaving the state for low-tax Las Vegas.If the same should happen in Oregon, who would Salem tax?This state has the second highest unemployment rate in the country; without businesses, the tax base would dry up.

Anothercause gaining in popularity is term limits for all elected officials.We really need that.

Alan Jensen