The Curry Coastal Pilot

Lawyers' take on healthcare?


I think all citizens of any political party should ask themselves if their lawyer, given the current proposal as their healthcare plan, would sign the healthcare reform bill without further definition.

If you and your lawyer are proponents of this open ended contract, then keep on demonstrating for its passage. But, if your lawyer says it's a good deal for you but not for him/her, you better be prepared for sleepless nights.

The lawyers thatI've retained over the years want any contract they sign to have minimum opportunity for interpretation. Don't most of our legislators have legal backgrounds?Do you think that maybe that's why they aren't including themselves in the coverage?

Glenn Kral


Feel free to leave country


"Once Great Nation?"

Jerry Karrie, you are more than welcome to leave this nation anytime you like. (Pilot, Aug. 26). In fact, I would be happy to give you a ride. So, you think it is okay to kill puppies. How about the first human we focus on is one of your family?

I don't agree with abortion, but neither do I agree with the killing or abuse/neglect of a helpless animal.

Jason MacNeil


Remove gravel to help Chetco


One solution to the shortage of water in the Chetco River is to dredge and remove gravel.

The picture in Wednesday's Pilot (Aug. 26,) shows rocks and gravel and the water is only ankle deep at the pump station.

We removed gravel and rocks and ran all of it through the rock plant on a river down in California. Then there was water and fish in that river all summer. Next winter the river flowed and the holes were all filled up with good gravel. The steelhead used that gravel for their egg laying and we ended up with lots of steelhead.

That next summer we had water in the river. We harvested the gravel and got that section in good shape.

Along came the so-called environmental troublemakers and we were forced to stay out of the river.

Now the river is filled with bushes, rocks and in the summer no water. Also, no steelhead. When it rains the river now is prone to flood.

Robert D. Covey


A joy to help needy students


I cannot express my gratitude for the overwhelming support this community shows.

Some of our Emblem Club members had the privilege of helping shoppers to "stuff" the bus to benefit our school children. It's so important to have supplies ready for them as they return to school andndash; from composition books to calculators, pencils to backpacks.

Everyone gave so generously and willingly. The money given will also help to purchase any shortage of supplies these children need. It's a joy to be a part of this program.

We in Brookings-Harbor are so blessed to have such a loving community. Thanks a million to all the sponsors.

Nadine Powers

Emblem Club 265 Brookings

Happy ending for port planes?


OK.Here we go again.

My friend was down at the kite field flying his small little airplane.Imagine the surprise when the local authorities show up and tell him he will be cited with trespassing if he did not vacate the field immediately.There are no signs posted that state "No Flying Here," so what gives?

The local fliers are being unfairly harassed by the deep pockets that control the port. It is not right.There needs to be a public outcry, a public response, and a public apology to the folks who are being harassed.This is a "public use" field.

I know of a woman, who on this same day, was bitten by a large, unleasheddog while trying to rescue her own small, leashed dog from attack.Which can cause more damage andndash; a loose dog or an airplane undertotal control?

I hope there is some good investigative journalism that takes place over this issue.The truth needs to be told, not just the side of the deep pockets.

Let's see if this can come to a happy ending.

G. Henderson


Port has its own agenda


Tuesday evening, Aug. 25, 2009, a few of us model airplane fliers decided to fly.

Since the port commissioner had not posted "no flying" rules as promised in the July meeting, we figured we could fly our airplanes there.

Shortly after we arrived someone from the RV park came over and told us we couldn't fly there and had to leave.

We asked by whose authority and he said, "Ted Fitzgerald."

We told him there was no reason to leave, as it was public property.

Next thing a sheriff comes and tells us that we are trespassing and had to quit flying, again by the word of Ted Fitzgerald.

So nothing is posted, yet we are "trespassing." Does that mean kite flyers or people who walk their dogs are trespassing, too?Or is the sheriff's department enforcing unwritten laws?

Lee Osborne


Booster club curtails efforts


It is with regret that the Brookings-Harbor High School Booster Club announces for the upcoming 2009-2010 school year, the club will no longer be able to provide the level of support to school activities it has in the past.

Over the last three years membership has dwindled and the current officers have been unable to spark enough interest in membership and fundraising efforts to keep the club functioning. Meetings in May and June, announced in the paper, on the radio, in the high school bulletin board and via Internet, did not draw additional attendance.

The BHHS Booster Club operates the Bruin Store, where Bruin supporters can purchase Bruin memorabilia, and also manages the operation of the snack shacks at as many of the school activities as possible. The Club has also scheduled security and ticket taking for sporting events, as well as sponsored and cosponsored the Booster Dance, the core fundraising event of the Club.

The same group of four to six individuals has shared the workload for many years, and can no longer bear the burden. It has been their pleasure to donate their time to the youth of the community; however, as the need for the Booster Club's services has increased in the last couple of years, it has been increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers to help out.

The club anticipates with the help of the community businesses, they will be able to operate the concessions at the varsity football games as they have in the past. However, unless there are individuals who are willing to volunteer to take over, the club does not anticipate the ability to open and operate other concessions, or organize the booster dance.

The Club wishes to thank all of the businesses in our community for their never- ending support of the kids, and also wants to thank the many individuals who over the years have supported the Club with donations of their time and money.

Debby Phillips,

Cathy Longo,

DeDe Corpening,

Becky Olsen, Brookings

Let them fly planes at port


I am visiting here and saw something last night and asked questions and found out this.

The port here is a big baby.

Let the guys fly their planes. I was enjoying it. I saw no signs saying not to. Till the cops arrived I thought about buying one and joining them andndash; it looked like fun.

Earlier in the day a lady got dog bit by a loose dog where the signs say keep (them) leashed, but I saw no signs that said no flying for the RVers' enjoyment.

Let them fly, I say. I enjoyed it as well as lots of others.

One bad apple spoils the pot. Too bad. I may not be back here to visit again.

Joann Palmer

Paradise, Calif.

Will miss a few good men


I, for one, am really going to miss Walter Cronkite and Ted Kennedy.

You still have some backward conservative types, who cuss out Walter Cronkite to this very day because he turned against the Vietnam War. I don't care what those idiotic, right wing morons say, turning against that stupid, useless war was something for Walter Cronkite to be proud of.

John Anderson thought about making Walter Cronkite his running mate in 1980; we would have been much better off as a country if that presidential ticket had won. Jimmy Carter was a peanut putz and Ronald Reagan was our worst president until George W. Bush got in there.

Ted Kennedy would have been a much better president than Reagan or Carter. Ted Kennedy drove me up the wall the last couple of years with his support for illegal immigration, a blatant power grab by the Democrats, in my opinion.

I still think that Ted Kennedy did a lot of good things, and he was very brave for opposing the illegal invasion of Iraq. Gutless cowards like John Kerry and Hillary Clinton should be ashamed of themselves for not following Ted Kennedy's example.

Robert Novak died recently, but nobody is going to miss that little right wing creep.

Finally, I hear that John Edwards has a new sex tape coming out. I guess it was really irresponsible and reckless for me to support Ralph Nadar in 2004.

I wonder if Pamela Anderson is in the John Edwards movie; one can hope her acting has gotten better.

Joe Thomas


Want a voice? Then vote!


In response to the "enlightening" moment for R. Ambrose: Term limits put the lobbyists in power ( Pilot, Aug. 22): If you want to have a voice about your representative, vote.

Term limits demand a thoughtless "change of guard" whether the electorate wants it or not. If you want the bum out, vote him/her out. But why automatically reject those who are dedicated to public service as decided by the electorate? I guess R. Ambrose wants Oregon to have the impasse of California where competing lobbyist tell inexperienced legislators what to do. Vote your conscience andndash; don't give it to the lobbyists.

Will and Susan Murray Harbor

Ponzi scheme anyone?


What about the government ponzi scam called Social Security?

What happened to all our money? This was paid for by you and I. Part paid by you and part by your employer in lieu of wages. There were 10 workers for each recipient originally. Now that is changing because of the baby boomers who are becoming eligible. They never expected us to live as long as we are. Not enough money to pay for this? Ponzi anyone?

Then there is the economy. It's getting better? It seems to me the same people who lied to us before are doing it again! Both the government and the CEOs making millions on our backs! Ever hear the old saying that figures don't lie but liars figure? Go figure!

Then there's the health reform issue. I say that you need to read the bill before you comment on it. I have and it is just impossible to understand! Just look at the section on plain language if you can understand that then you may be able to understand the rest. I can't

If we truly want health reform we need to look at the Medicare program as one option. It could be the basis of good reform. It has been in place for decades. At least we would know what the cost could be. We would need to fix it but the foundation is there. Oh and what happened to those tax dollars taken out of your paycheck for Medicare? Ponzi anyone?

Every administration for the last 40 years has lied to us about one thing or another. Don't expect that to change But to quote Ronald Reagan "trust but verify."

Isn't that the real problem? We have trusted our elected officials to protect us and now that we are verifying what they have told us we know longer believe them!

Carl Cooper


Not designed for trucks


I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I can see you're going to have a real problem getting a long load through the curbing at Constitution Way.

If the combined length is 50 feet or more, which fits a lot of travel trailer/truck combinations, the folks on the sidewalks better be ready to abandon the sidewalk in a hurry. Not to mention the damage it's going to do to tires, wheels, and axles of vehicles that have to jump the curb.

Heaven help us if a lowboy with all the extra jeep trailers, that can reach 80 to 90 feet, has to turn there!

I must confess that I notice things like this as I drove these kinds of rigs for 40 years around the Northwest. Whether you're in Seattle, Missoula, Portland, or Brookings, the people that design roads don't do it with trucks in mind.

Reg Pettinger