The Curry Coastal Pilot

A glimpse into a politician's mind


What an enlightening moment it was. During Thursday's meeting with Congressman Peter DeFazio, one of our neighbors cried out, "We need term limits." I was near enough to the congressman to not only hear, but see his reaction. And it was this: Amusement.

People in the crowd were still cheering so they may not have heard DeFazio's almost under the breath response. He said, "Term Limits andhellip; yeah we tried that and the new people who came in didn't know what to do. They couldn't get anything done, and bureaucrats ran everything."

It was one of those brief glimpses into the politician mind. He and his colleagues consider themselves indispensableandhellip; the only ones capable of steering you and me on the right course. What delusional arrogance. Itexplains whythey see successful Americans as chumps and children who need to be given permission to see a physician and spanked for talking back.

R. Ambrose


Helping out 4-H youth camp


Now that another successful 4-H Summer Youth Camp is come and gone, I'd like to thank the local folks who donated supplies as well as their time and energy to our local youth.

This year's camp menu, which fed between 85 and 90 people at each meal, was supported in part by donations from McKay's Market of Gold Beach and Figaro's Pizza in Brookings. The wonderful folks at Shore Pines Assisted Living Community baked 120 cookies to feed the ravenous campers at mid-afternoon snack time. Brookings Elks Lodge donated their portable barbeque grill for three days so the campers could enjoy hamburgers and hotdogs cooked in the great outdoors. And Mark Ludes of Foghorn Wildlife Damage Control donated his time and vehicle to transport the barbecue to Lobster Creek.

It is the support from our local community that makes the 4-H program a success. Thanks to all of you who contributed to 4-H Youth Camp.

Deborah Cyparski

OSU/4-H Camp Director


Pilot police log and my name


The police log mentioned an individual by the name of Christine Kelley O'Donnell (Pilot Aug. 12).

I remember thinking that I was amazed there was another Christine O'Donnell in this area, and then I thought no further of it.

After learning that there are many inquisitive minds, I wish to respond to those by saying that my name is Christine A. Schabeck. My maiden name was Christine A. O'Donnell. I am also known to those in the Brookings community as Chris, Chrissy, Christie, Coach, Mom, and even "hey you!"

Christine A. Schabeck,

business woman


Politicians are not listening


I'm very interested in the Health Care debate but I'm getting the impression that our elected representatives aren't interested in our point of view.

Their arrogance is deafening. Our representatives make fun of Fox News but when I go to the other networks all I see is cheerleaders for the president's plan. I wasn't in town for Mr. DeFazio's town (hall) meeting but I wanted to attend. There are some questions I wanted to ask.

andbull;Why isn't everyone going to be on the "plan?" From what I hear, Congress, the president and certain government workers wouldn't be required to participate. If the "plan" is so good, you'd think the people that are pushing the "plan" would want to be on it.

andbull;Why the big hurry to pass the "plan" before the August recess, when the "plan" isn't supposed to take effect until 2013?" This reminds me of the "stimulus plan," where Congress just had to pass it before the week ended so the President could sign it and get some relief going to the folks that supposedly needed it, even though none of them had read it and it turned out the president didn't sign it until Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I didn't get these questions from Fox News. They just seemed like common sense questions that need to be asked. Maybe this will be the trigger that will get folks to vote these professional politicians out of office. I know I've never seen people so worked up about something Congress/the president is pushing. I personally think the politicians will vote along ideological lines. Which means DeFazio, Merkley, and Wyden will vote for the "plan." We'll see how good a psychic I am.

Reg Pettinger


Toilets: Get your act together


Two weeks ago three groups of family and friends were tent camping at the port.

We visited them there and were astounded to see the portable toilets in use there were full, even though they were supposedly serviced the day before. I would hesitate to use a toilet that had piles of excrement barely two inches below the seat. Somebody needs to get their act together.

Sarah Lamp


Time for a better plan


The United States is a debtor nation to China. They believe it is their "century to shine."

Recently they said they believe the U.S. is "good on our debt." Constant bickering and undermining of the government's plans may trigger China to call in its markers, and it will bankrupt the United States.

Please stop undermining each other, and instead debate. Stop the vitriol.

It may be time for a new political party in the U.S.A. Neither the Republicans nor Democrats have a plan others will agree to. It may be time now to realize that what we are doing isn't working. It may be time now to come up with a better plan.

One thing is for sure, we had better start working together to rebuild our economy or we are in big trouble.

Karen Holmes


Preserving the status quo?


The mandate of private insurance companies in health care is to make a profit.

The mandate of good governance is to provide universal healthcare.

It is beyond me why a significant number of people in this country are so eager to preserve the status quo and trust their health care to the profit driven health insurance companies.After all, to deny coverage for any reason imaginable is to enhance profits, a serious conflict of interest. It is a recipe for disaster, which is where we are heading with the current healthcare system.

The healthcare debate includes three cost controlling options, the first of which is single payer.That would be something like Medicare for all, which sounds like a very good deal to me. So what's the problem?

Cost control option number two is government owned and operated socialized medicine ala Great Britain's NHS.That would be something like VA for all, which sounds like perhaps an even better deal than Medicare for all.After all, the VA not only provides health care but negotiated prescription drug costs as well, much as our Canadian neighbors do. Our seniors are being gouged by the pharmaceutical industry with the existing system; especially the Medicare drug program, which is a total rip-off of both seniors and the government as well.I would love to see Canadian drug prices at our local pharmacy; they are for the most part half of our prices. So what's the problem?

The third cost control option is the public option with modifications to our existing system. This would be much like the French health care system, which the National Health Care Organization recently ranked as the number one healthcare system in the world.Our current healthcare system was ranked 37thin that ranking,which puts us in serious competition with Cuba and Slovenia.

That's the problem.

Bob Hintz


Can fool some all of the time


Dealing with lies in a modern society Mr. Hyslop and Ms. O'Dell have reverted, again, to rhetoric in their letter titled "Hearing nothing but lies" (Pilot, Aug 19, 2009).

Their eight-point opinion seems to be aimed at the now defunct Bush Lynching Committee of 2006 through 2008. We need data. We don't need the rancor. We don't need generalizations. Moreover, we certain don't need rhetoric.

That lies were told is true. However, both sides of this, and previous, issues have prevaricated beyond the pale. Nobody has any idea of what the health care plan, with a public option or not, is going to cost. And, there are scant few options of how it will be paid for. Their issues with CEO compensation have merit. However, that is a different war to fight.

But if rhetoric is an acceptable substitution for fact, then let us deal with the Democrat snow job regarding where we are and how we got here. Congress ceased to function as soon as there was a Democrat majority and Ms. Pelosi went out on a search for a larger airplane. Thus, Pelosi and Pals have indisputable ownership of a majority (interesting word here, no?) of this country's failings since 2006.

So, in the present day, with a suddenly rejuvenated Congress, there is ample support that President Lincoln was right: You CAN fool some of the people ALL of the time.

Neil Hamilton


What's not to change?


I can't understand why some one supposedly knowledgeable would raise the canard of the "rationing" of healthcare in regards to the proposals before Congress to implement a national healthcare program.

First, the current system is already rationed, primarily by how much money you have.

Secondly, the examples Dick Keusink gives are already rationed under any medical system: it's known as triage. My mother spent a week in St. Joseph Hospital, waiting to have a broken hip repaired; there were younger or more badly injured people who went through surgery first. And that was with private insurance.

What's not to change?

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Finally voicing their opinions


Just a response to a couple of letters to the editor dated 8-19-09.

First is regarding Mike Walters' letter (which I really had to laugh at). It seems he couldn't think of anything intelligent to say, so why not start calling people names. How juvenile. Unfortunately the present administration must be his mentor.

The second response is about Jim Hyslop's and Anne O'Dell's letter. It's a shame it took two Bush haters to come up with something as ridiculous as your letter. It's apparent you two have been watching your very biased news channel for much too long. That's why Fox News has a bigger listening audience than all the other news channels combined.

I'm really happy that Americans are finally voicing their opinions at town hall meetings and tea parties.

Frank Durham


Safety City a great program


Thank you to Dan Palicki and the volunteers for Safety City this year.

Our son couldn't have had more fun learning safety tips and techniques. Among other important topics, he learned to stop, don't touch, leave the area, and tell an adult if he comes across a firearm. He learned to look left, then right, then left again and over his shoulder before he crosses the street. He learned rules of the road for bicycle riding and to wear a helmet.

The fact that we know so much about what he learned, and in great detail, is testament to the fine teaching and the benifits that children receive from Safety City.

We greatly appreciate all of the time and effort that is put into this program. We thank each sponsor for financially supporting it.

Finally, we encourage all parents who have children who will be entering kindergarten next year to enroll them in Safety City.

Thanks again!

Jess and Cindi Beaman