The Curry Coastal Pilot

Fix canceling machine


Since others have written about the shortcomings of the Brookings Post Office,I might as well put inmy "43 cents worth."

First off, I think the postal clerks do a great job as they are always friendly and professional in handling the multitude of mailing requests we customers bring to them.My minor complaint is that local mail is sent to Eugene for cancellation and, then, sent back to Brookings fordelivery.I asked one of the clerks a couple years ago whyand wastold that the Brookings Post Office had a canceling machine, but it broke down and was never repaired.

Hence, local mailalong with all outgoing mail is trucked to Eugene, canceled and then the local mail is trucked back to Brookings for delivery.

It's a small matter as only time is lost.However, one would think that when the new Brookings U.S. Post Office was constructed, it would have included a canceling machine.

One way for the new postmaster to earn her "keep" and customer appreciation would be to get Brookings its own canceling machine.

Art Moore


Give thanks to Red Shirts


A letter of thanks to the Brookings Harbor Red Shirts.

My son Joshua served in Iraq this past year in an EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) unit. Packages were sent to him even though he did not live in the direct community. I am a transplanted Bruin myself, however. We came to Brookings every year to visit my parents on vacation from Las Vegas. When my son was sent to Iraq this great group of men and women went out of their way to send packages to troops serving in Iraq. The best gift, however, was a piece of driftwood my son carried with him throughout his tour. My son is scheduled for a second tour at the end of July. The overwhelming support that this group gives to the troops overseas is a clear example of what great people live in your community.

To Frank Muller and the men and women of the Brookings Harbor Red Shirts andndash; I thank you.

Carl Brum

Las Vegas

A time for sacrifice


The Pilot reports that the city of Brookings and Curry County have approved the new budget (Pilot, July 1).

As our country is in a deep recession and unemployment here is near to 16 percent, with those who are working having their hours cut, our city council has decreed to raise our taxes. Our utility bill is also raised and now our city employees are getting a raise. To add insult to injury Commissioners Waddle and Rhodes have decreed to give themselves a nice raise. Why did we expect better of them when they were voted in?

What happened to "serving the people?" When the people suffer let us see some sacrifices by our politicians who serve us. Perhaps it is time for us to stand up and have our own TEA party.

This is the time for sacrifices and not pay raises.

Mike Crow


Kudos for help with fireworks


My name is Sam Vitale.

I'm president of the local Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 757. There are several people I would like to thank for another successful 4th of July celebration this year.

First of all, KURY radio's help in raising funds from our local community for the fireworks was again extremely appreciated. This was Mike Moran's 30th year as lead pyrotec for our community fireworks and I would like to thank him and his pyrotec crew for their outstanding work and dedication. Also, a big thank you to Ron and Sandy Sutton for their hard work in organizing and setting up the vendors and entertainment. The car show was also enjoyed by many.

Thanks to Ted Fitzgerald and the port employees, local sheriffs, sheriff's reserve, sheriff's posse, Search and Rescue, Brookings Police Department, Jackson County Sheriff Department; Harbor Fire Department, and Cal-Ore. I also want to thank Boy Scout Troops 124 and 32, Brookings-Harbor Babe Ruth Little League team and some of our community for helping the veterans with the beach cleanup. Thanks to my fellow veterans for all their help in making this celebration a success.

If I've forgotten to thank anyone, I apologize.

Sam Vitale


Doctor addresses caregiver health


Family and professional caregivers are invited to hear Jose Espaillat, M.D., speak about Caregiver Relationships at the CAREgiver Support meeting at 2 p.m., Monday, July 13, at Southwestern Oregon Community College, 420 Alder St., Brookings.

Certificates of attendance will be available. Dr. Espaillat, an employee of the Curry Health Network, provides behavioral health services for children, adolescents, adults, including medical management of behavioral health issues and individual psychotherapy.

On Monday, Sept. 14, the caregivers' meeting will feature: Diabetes and You, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management for Type 2 Diabetes, presented by Registered Dietician Stephanie Polizzi of the Oregon State University Extension Service. The Family CAREgiver Support Group's monthly meetings are free of charge. Studies show that access to social networks and adequate resources for support are two factors that can help improve and extend the quality of life for many caregivers and their care receivers.

Family caregivers in need of respite are encouraged to contact The Time-Out Adult Day Care Program at The Chetco Activity Center, 541-469-6822. This weekly respite program is offered at no cost to eligible participants. Visitors and volunteers are always welcome. For directions or information about The CAREgiver Support Group and other services, please call Liz Cohen, CARE Connections, 541-469-9299 ext. 224, toll-free 800-419-1371 or Pat Kauranen at 541-469-0577.

Liz Cohen

parent and provider consultant, CARE Connections Southwestern Oregon Community College


A duck is a duck


"We're not Democrats, we're not Republicans, we're Americans."

The last part is obviously true, but as to the first part, it's at least highly coincidental that the TEA movement did not start until there was a black, Democratic president in office. Somehow, there were no TEA Parties while the previous administration destroyed a budget surplus, never submitted an honestly balanced budget (the war it started in the wrong country always had to be financed with supplemental or emergency appropriations), shifted the tax burden to those with lower incomes, contributed heavily to the current economic collapse through the lack of ability/oversight on the part of its managers ("Heckuva job, Brownie!"), and bailed out those who helped cause the collapse with no strings or oversight attached.

Now that attempts (including tax cuts) are being made to attempt to repair the damages caused by a Republican regime that controlled Congress for 12 of the previous 14 years and the White House for eight of those 14 years, now the TEA Parties begin. "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck. ...

Michael Pitts-Campbell


Debt will exceed family income


While reading the story "300 protest country's mounting debt," (Pilot, July 8), I was struck by the irony that this well-intentioned group of tax protesters were actually passing out copies of the very document which contains the words which are the ultimate cause of our country's rapidly approaching financial disaster:The US Constitution.

The 16th Amendment of the Constitution imposes the Federal Income Tax.This amendment was rammed through for the first time in 1913 by a coalition of liberal groups inspired by Keynesian economics and Fabian Socialist ideals from 19th century England.These people sincerely believed that Big Government would save us all but, to save us, it would first need our money.The 16th Amendment gave our money to our government, removed it from control of the voters, and set no limit on the amount of the tax.

Most of us cannot personally remember a time when the income tax did not exist.We do a little traditional grumbling on tax day, but otherwise passively accept it almost as an inevitable law of nature.Few of us realize that, when our country was founded, the federal government was intentionally given only very limited powers and a budget measured in thousands of dollars, not the trillions of today.

We survived very well without the federal government to save us.Now we are like a family who gave a credit card to the idiot child.Our minimum credit card payment alone will very soon exceed our total family income.

John P. Cupp

Smith River

Peace begins with neighbors


I just have to get this off my chest.

People wonder why can't countries and governments get along ... it's so sad, but how could we say that when neighbors can't get along. How can neighbors turn on each other and come so low as to call others names ... we are talking about adults not kids.

I know a lot has happened, but I hope one day it can be all forgotten and forgiven and for us all to realize life is just too short to waste a minute; it will lighten your life and your heart.People say hatred is a cancer, that may be true, but I think it is worse, as cancer has treatment and doctors to help.

With hatred you have to look and realize what is going on within your own heart and soul, and then you have to take it on yourself to start the healing; no one else can do it for you, only yourself. That takes a strong person, but the payoff is so well worth it.

Let there be peace ... and let it begin with us all.

Thank you.

Bev Duncan