The Curry Coastal Pilot

4-H summer camp offered


Excellent article on local summer programs for youth. I wanted to let your readers know there is another wonderful summer activity for our local youth.

4-H Summer camp is a fun and exciting camping experience available to all Curry County kids currently finishing grades third through fifth grades. Registrations have been delivered to the Brookings schools for the 2009 4-H Lobster Creek Camp to be held Aug. 4 through Aug. 7, at the county-maintained Lobster Creek Youth Camp located 18 miles northeast of Gold Beach.

Activities will include crafts, educational programs, swimming, hiking, campfire activities, games and friendship building to last a lifetime.

This camp is not limited to 4-H members. The cost is $90 per camper andndash; some scholarships are available andndash; for registrations received through June 30. For more information on how to become a part of this wonderful camping experience, contact the Curry County 4-H office at (800) 356-3986. Space is limited so register early!

Hope to see you at camp!

Deborah Cyparski

OSU/4-H Youth Camp director, Brookings

Canadian health care better?


I recently visited my brother from Toronto, Canada, and we compared his "free" health care with my Medicare and Blue Cross Supplement.

What we both discovered compels me to share the results with my Brookings' friends.

My brother says he pays about 46 percent of his modest retirement income in Dominion and Provincial Income tax and sales tax, which of course, pays for his "free" health care. Dee and I pay for IRS, state income tax, and Medicare and Blue Cross supplement fees about half of what my brother pays in taxes. His response was a bewildered, "Wow!"

Evidently the cost of Canadian health care which went socialistic back in the 1950s when I was a Canadian, crept up on him so slowly that he wasn't aware of how bad it had gotten.

What about the quality of their care? My older sister, who has lived in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, has always complained about they're not being able to keep good doctors. Her last medical experience was when her Kenyan doctor ruptured her esophagus with a scope during a procedure to examine her stomach ulcers. It required serious surgery to repair, and is OK now.

Please, folks, look far enough ahead, eh, do the necessary research, get the facts and contact your legislators before they get your children and grandchildren into this same mess.

Warren Glaze


Classic car show a big success


We are new to the area, and were very pleased to attend the classic car show, hosted by the Curry County Cruisers, held at the Port of Brookings Harbor on May 24.

There were other car clubs attending from as far away as Redding, Calif. The show was a great success, with close to 150 cars. Your local DJ was on hand to play music and announce the drawings every half hour, the stores were all open and overflowing with customers, and a very good time was had by all.

One of the Harbormasters told my wife that they would like to have the club back next year. There were 50 or more local businesses that were sponsors. Congratulations, Brookings-Harbor and the car clubs, for a job well done!

Bud Shoop


Ways to save shop class


On the issue of cutting certain classes andndash; i.e. metal shop andndash; because of cost constraints: I am a journey-level welder and current maintenance mechanic at Pelican Bay andndash; you say the school district cannot afford the programs?

I say that is a bunch of crap. Try this: Eliminate one principal position and have the superintendent do both. I think that would leave enough money for the shop class and instructor. Too much work on one person you say?No. I not only do my job at the prison but at times, and those times are often, I do another guy's job and I hope he is reading this.

Anyway, you have a student and I have a son (both the same kid) who loves shop class and can't wait for it to start every day. When was the last time you ever heard that?There has been a lot of times when I have had my welding skills to fall back on but, never getting your hands dirty, I guess you don't understand.


Dave Miller


What Grace Laskey said


I would just like to clarify what Grace Laskey said in reference to Texas andndash; "1836-Texas becomes independent Lone Star State" (Pilot, June 3).

The Republic of Texas came into being as a result of the Convention of 1836 which framed the Declaration of Independence, and following the Battle of San Jacinto andndash; April 21, 1836 andndash; a constitutional government was set up. Elections were held in September and Sam Houston was inaugurated as the first president of the Republic of Texas. Texas remained an independent republic until Dec. 29, 1845, when it was officially annexed to the United States.

J. P. Samonski

Gold Beach