The Curry Coastal Pilot

Facts on booze and marijuana


Consider the specific health and public safety factors involved in booze vs pot.

One is legal and one is illegal. Alcohol-related traffic accidents claim over 14,000 lives each year. Figures for marijuana-related traffic fatalities are elusive, especially since alcohol is almost always present in the blood as well. However, evidence from studies, including laboratory simulations, feeds the stereotype that those under the influence of canniboids tend to (1) be more aware of their impaired psychomotor skills, and (2) drive well below the speed limit. Those under the influence of alcohol are much more likely to be clueless or defiant about their condition, and to speed up and drive recklessly.

According to the American Public Health Association, excessive alcohol consumption is the their leading cause of death in this country. The negative economic impact of extreme drinking is over $150 billion a year.

Alcohol contributes to acts of violence; marijuana reduces aggression. In approximately three million cases of reported violent crimes last year, the offender had been drinking. This is particularly true in cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and date rape. Marijuana use, in and of itself, is absent from both crime reports and the scientific literature.

A question for the reader to consider is, if one of these two drugs is implicated in critical health effects, high mortality rates, and physical violence and the other is not andndash; why isn't marijuana legal as is alcohol?

Walt Edwards

Gold Beach

Making Mr. BHHS happen


I would like to take the opportunity to thank the community for the support of the Mr. BHHS Pageant.

Through this effort, high school students raised about $1,700 the night of the pageant that will be sent up to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, along with about $2,500 that has been raised throughout the year.

We couldn't have done it without the Redwood Theater, which allowed us to use their facility at no cost.Also our contestants, Jackson DeHaven, Eli Bruce, Dubby McKinney and Tyler Lueckfeld put in numerous hours to make this event happen. Our MCs, Wes Grimsley and Emilee Bottoms, were entertaining and fun.And a big thank you to our judges, Pastor Rick Green, Pat Silveria, Ken Caylor, Cindy Beaman and Alice Farmer.

Thanks also for all the hard work from the Doernbecher Committee members at the high school that made this happen.

Taylor Keys

BHHS Senior

Please bring back Dear Abby


Are you no longer going to have (Dear Abby's) column in the paper?

I miss reading her. Please bring her back.

Duffell and Cheryl Gray


Cookie calories for good cause


Munch, munch, crumble, crumble.

It's not just the Cookie Monster who has been eating cookies the past few weeks. Hundreds of supportive community members have enjoyed the delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookies sold by our Kalmiopsis students! As you're biting into that warm, chewy cookie straight from your oven, enjoy not only the taste of milk chocolate, but enjoy the fact that you brought some relief and joy into our elementary school. The cookie dough sales brought in more than $20,000 in profit! Wow!

What an amazing community we have! The local businesses that provided prizes for the students deserve a pat on the back. Bravo to Dairy Queen for donating hundreds of free ice cream cones. A multitude of thanks to Blockbuster Video for donating almost 200 free video rentals! We appreciate Fred Meyer for contributing $100 in gift cards for some of our top sellers. Praise to the Redwood Theater for opening their doors to over a hundred students who sold at least nine boxes of cookie dough. And please give a round of applause to Wild River Pizza for donating 75 free mini pizzas to our student sellers! These businesses provided the motivation the students needed to sell; thank you!

From the money earned, $5,800 went to teachers to spend in their classes for supplies, and $15,000 will be spent this month on much needed, updated/new computers for the school. Your contributions will change our school.

Congratulations to Kalmiopsis Elementary students for taking charge of your education by raising funds to make your school a better place. An enormous thank you to the staff, parents, and community for helping out with the fundraiser, buying cookie dough, and volunteering your time. Finish off that last batch of cookie dough, and maybe next time we will sell gym memberships to help us all work off all those yummy calories.

Cindy Schofield

Kalmiopsis Parent Teachers Organization

Helping out softball teams


Surfside Bruins ASA (Amateur Softball Association) fast pitch softball teams would like to say a big thank you to all the businesses, friends and family members that have made monetary donations to help get us closer to our goal!

A contingent of two teams: a 12U (12 years and under) and a 14U girls from Brookings, Gold Beach and Crescent City are heading to Junction City to play in the Junction City Athletics Spring Invite!

These outstanding young women have been practicing all winter and are now ready to "Play Ball!" (First games were played May 16 and 17.) Other tournaments have been slated for May 30, and 31: 2nd Annual Keizer Lady Celt Invitational in Keizer; June 26-28th: 12C Oregon State Tournament in Albany.

Both teams are continuing their efforts to recruit sponsors to assist with travel expenses, equipment and tournament fees. Anyone interested in making a donation may contact the coaches: William Goergen or Anthony Baron. Thank you again.

Deanna Marrington

Surfside Bruins Team mom, Brookings

Stability is so boring, lame


When I think of my body, I think my left side is more liberal and my right side is more conservative; thus, I'm always voting in my mind as to what side is lobbying my brain with more rational actions, or re-actions, as if my right side wants to kill and maim and my liberal side says Oh Well, and I know I should color code them with cool political dogma stickers, might warn others what may happen next, like Free Tibet and peace signs on one side, and Rush Limbaugh and religious mortification symbols that represent the winning side of God on the other side, one side twitching away! This used to work OK, but now my right side wants to quit, just plain give up and leave, or better yet, make my left side leave andndash; or else! I've been warned, and I don't know what to do? My left side doesn't like paranoid rambling, doesn't care about racism or Fascism and does not like to be in total control of every trivial matter, and especially the neighbors over there and the "others," and that stupid right side of me wishes I would calm down and quit being so emotional and simply apply more logic where needed. Yeah sure, like that ever helped anybody. andhellip; Anyway, I also always considered (sic) the nation as one big body, one side red, one side blue, with a big eagle on top and wings coming out like a movie, and it's almost like, since the year 2000, this body only took one step into the new century; it didn't completely take another step, so it's been kind of wobbly and hopping around and almost fell down, until it realized it could simply put that other foot down and stabilize.

I guess that's what's troubling my right side: stability is so boring, lame, no emotions, without war or going in circles, to stop everything!

Go figure?

Glen Thompson