The Curry Coastal Pilot

Monotheism and science


Regarding Skip Howard's remarks about monotheism as a primitive fad, I would point to the findings of microbiology, physics and astronomy over the last several decades.

The fine-tuning of the universe for life, the information content of DNA, and numerous irreducibly complex biological systems, among other things, are combining to overwhelm more and more scientists and open-minded people who study them with the impression that the universe and the lives sustained in it were designed by an intelligent being.

Arno Penzias, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, said, "Astronomy leads us to a unique event, a universe which was created out of nothing, one with the very delicate balance needed to provide exactly the conditions required to permit life, and one which has an underlying (one might say 'supernatural') plan" (Mergenau, H. and R.A. Varghese, eds. Cosmos, Bios, Theos: Scientists Reflect on Science, God and the Origins of the Universe, Life and Homo Sapiens. La Salle, IL: Open Court, 1992). We could quote similar statements from many other scientists.

Now the fact that such scientists think there is a Designer does not itself give us reason to believe that there is one (though the evidence they have followed does), but it should help Howard to learn that his apparent Inherit The Wind stereotype of those who believe in a Creator is clearly false.

You've probably heard this stereotype: anyone who believes in a Creator is an ignorant, stupid opponent of science. More and more, the evidence points towards God's existence.

Jim Schultz


Going back to the stone age?


I have just read Joe Thomas' letter (Pilot, May 2) and feel I should put in my 2 cents worth.

I had a class in the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) program where I was taught to look for something positive in what seemed totally negative. That was very difficult for me to do. That lesson was very valuable to me, and I managed to pass it on to as many of my friends and relatives who would listen.

Not everything Joe Thomas says is worth repeating, but I must say that I served this country in the military to safeguard his right to say his piece.

In 1952 I helped kill 54,000 North Koreans because my president said it was the right thing to do. President Obama has taken a different approach. He hopes to reason with those who would destroy our freedoms, and who would enslave those who differ from their religions or political beliefs. Whether this will bear fruit remains to be seen.

Maybe we'll have to go back to bombing countries back to the stone age. But I hope not.

John E. Baker


Simmie Jones, you're the best


We the parents of the 2009 Azalea court would like to publicly thank Simmie Jones for all her hard work with the reception following the pageant on Saturday.

What everyone doesn't know is that she put in countless hours of her time, not to mention the decoration that she paid for out-of-pocket. The idea of having a theme of "Princess Mess Hall" was her idea as were the great footlockers that she made for each one of the girls. The parents then put in personal items. Without her vision it wouldn't have been so grand.

She is an amazing woman with great talent. We were very lucky that she agreed to help one more year. We would also like to thank Simmie and Susan Brickley for making sure everything ran smoothly at the reception. Their wonderful help freed us up so that we could visit with all the friends and family that came to see this great pageant.

A few other people that we would like to thank are Mr. Joe Morin from Brookings-Harbor High School (BHHS), Cooper Howard and Shalynn Doan. They came to the rescue at the last minute when we found out that the pageant wasn't going to be videotaped. They are going to make it a class project to turn out probably one of the best recordings of this event.

Lastly we would like to thank everyone who not only are on the pageant board but the countless people behind the scenes who help put this on. It is a huge undertaking and wouldn't be possible without everyone pulling together to make it happen.

It was a wonderful event. If you missed it this year make plans to attend next year. You wont regret it.

Donna Fleshman for the parents of the 2009 Azalea Court

Stop trying to fool the people


Once upon a time in an enchanted land called America, a commoner worked hard, lifted himself by his bootstraps, founded a great political party, and became a great president.

Unfortunately, his party has mutated over the years into a virulent disease that is a grave threat to America. Fortunately, it is possible to cure this disease by showing respect for the founder. He said "... you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Yet party leaders and candidates continue to pose as God-fearing patriots who can provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare with low taxes.

More and more voters are abandoning this party and it not because the party lacks ideas; it is because the candidates seem phony. He also said "A country divided against itself cannot stand." But now party leaders and candidates deliberately divide the country by courting bigots and religious extremists, and by mischaracterizing opponents. Leaders and candidates are seeking to discredit the administration, thwart attempts to solve America's economic and foreign relation problems, and then blame the resultant mess on the administration. To the leaders and candidates, loyalty to the party is more important than loyalty to the country.

Party leaders and candidates should heed their founder's words. Stop trying to fool people, they are wising up. Stop trying to divide the country, try to unite it into a problem-solving coalition. This is the only way this once-great party can attract newcomers and return to its former glory.

Leonard Azar


'Grease' funds humane society


South Coast Humane Society is having a number of fundraisers this month and one that we are very excited about is the benefit performance of "Grease" that is being donated to us by Dori Blodgett, director of Brooking Harbor Theater.

She and her troupe of players have generously donated one (performance) of each of her plays for the year to South Coast Humane Society.This is a fun and great fundraising opportunity for us and we are really enjoying it.

Their performance of "Molly Malone" was a huge success for us and a wonderful performance by the theater group.We know that "Grease" will be an even bigger success.All proceeds of the May 17, 2 p.m. matinee performance will benefit the SCHS (South Coast Humane Society) Thrift Store building fund.Anyone who buys a ticket to the performance will automatically be entered into our door prize drawing for a one hour Guardians From Above Flight Tour.The entire event promises to be fun, fun, fun!

We cannot thank Dori enough for the wonderful opportunities she has afforded us by offering these performances and lending her theater to us for other events. And we cannot thank the community enough for all of the boundless support we have received.

Audrey Morris

South Coast Humane Society

Apology for bad choices


My name is Thomas Hoehne; I lived in the Brookings-Harbor community in the years of 1984 to 1999.

During that time I made some bad choices and was ultimately convicted of manufacturing drugs. I wanted to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies to all those families to whom I caused harm, but most of all I want to thank the Brookings-Harbor Police Department for helping me get back on the right track. If it wasn't for them I would have never made it.

Today I work as a CNC-Mill operator and programmer here in Germany. I've been clean for 10 years now. Today I can't believe ever to have been involved in such foolish behavior. In closing I want to say to all those who are still suffering: Throw away those bad habits; think of your kids and their future; life is so much easier and better without.

In closing a special thanks to Dave Gardiner and the Brookings-Harbor Police Department.

Thomas Hoehne

Starnberg, Germany

Democrats welcome debate


How deluded is Joe Thomas to call the Democratic Party gutless (Pilot, May 2)!

He must think that Bush who thought with his "gut" was smart, getting us into an immoral and expensive (in terms of money and lives) war while protecting his fat- cat buddies! I will take Obama, et al, any day over the former idiotic, immoral, obscene and hawkish administration. I will also take Specter, if only to prevent these GOP legislators from stopping the country's recovery and progress.

He states: "Latin American gangs are bringing in drugs," bringing in drugs Joe? Only because Americans create a huge market for them! If we could just get our priorities straight and first of all, legalize marijuana, we would remove a huge part of the problem. And just what makes you think there are no American drug dealers?

Then he states the following; "Thanks, God, that Obama and Janet Napolitano of Homeland Security have their priorities straight. They know it is more important to arrest anybody and everybody who has a Ron Paul sticker on their car." Excuse me, Joe, it was Bush who was always worried about anyone other than loyal kool-aid drinkers to attend his rallies, even going so far to have folks with anti-Bush T-shirts ushered out.

Democrats welcome debate because we know this is what makes Americans free! We have the right to think beyond our guts and criticize our country when it is wrong.

Anne O'Dell


Now there are choices


It has been said for many years "Things as certain as death and taxes, can be more firmly believed" andndash; Daniel Defoe 1726 A.D.

Now it can be said "Death is a certainty, butyou can choose between paying taxes or becoming a federal politician" andndash; Phil Cox 2009 A.D.

Phil Cox


School carnival a huge success

Dear Editor:

The K-school (Kalmiopsis Elementary School) PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) wants to say thank you!

The K-School carnival 2009 was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without every single person who helped. A huge thank you to the teachers and staff who worked so hard, and were so generous in donating their time, energy and creativity to this event! The entire staff at Kalmiopsis is the best!! We love them and are grateful to them for all they do for our kids and our community! Thank you to the parents, friends, and family of K-School students who volunteered many hours, in countless ways to make the carnival possible! Thank you to all the community-minded businesses who donated money and goods to our carnival!

We had a great time putting the carnival together and are grateful so many in the community shared our vision of a fun, safe, fabulous family event that our kids will remember forever. Thank you!

Sarah Jones

Heather Serna,

Carnival co-chairs,

K-School PTO

Council and state violation


The Brookings City Council wants to communicate its collective thoughts regarding the Oregon Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division's decision rendered on Brookings ballot measure 08 61.

The Council recognizes the State's ruling and acknowledges Council's responsibility of the violation. The Council will learn from this experience and implement processes that will avoid any future misunderstandings of Oregon election law requirements.

The Council also expresses its unanimous support and confidence in the leadership provided by the City Manager, Gary Milliman.

Contrary to what some may think, the Council feels the City has made progress in making "Brookings a Better Place to Live" during these challenging times. Thank you for your continued support.

Larry Anderson, mayor

Ron Hedenskog, president

David Gordon, councilor,

Jake Pieper, councilor

David Kitchen, councilor

Brookings City Council

Religion is brainwashing


The debate over a supernatural deity will probably continue for another 100 years, maybe less.

In my opinion, religion is nothing more than the result of "brainwashing" from birth. Think about it, everyone born onto this earth over the past three-to-four thousand years is brainwashed into the religion of his or her parents. I was brainwashed into a Catholic family. My family was too poor to send me to Catholic school, but I did have to go to Catechism. It took me about six years andndash; 11 years of age andndash; to comprehend the fraud. Unfortunately, my parents continued to try and pound their religion into my head.

Children do not have a chance to make their own decision. A recent example is the letter of a couple of weeks ago, where a woman was telling us she and her husband started reading the Bible to their child that was only eight hours old. Not only are our children brainwashed in the home, the parents take them to church every week to reinforce the belief in their supernatural deity. And, the church "companies" require regular attendance to keep the flock in line, and of course keep the money coming in.

The brainwashing of religion is no different than the nationalizing of citizens of a country. Americans are taught from birth that we are superior to all others on this earth. All other countries do the same thing: English, French, Germans, Chinese, Russians, Iranians, etc.

The major dilemma for the religious person is that there are no facts to back up religious beliefs. The so-called "holy books" of all religions are novels. Religions have their beliefs and work "backwards" trying to find a scintilla of data supporting their beliefs. Rational people find data and work "forward" to determine a conclusion. I don't try to dissuade my friends from their beliefs and they don't denigrate me.

Religion creates a lot of evil in this world. Seems like if there were a god, he/she would be looking out for the poor uneducated, starving, and completely innocent children in this world.

Mike Schrum