The Curry Coastal Pilot

With an unprecedented budget crisis hanging over their heads, members

of the Brookings-Harbor School Board face some difficult decisions in

the coming weeks.

One thing most of the board members won't have to face is the political fallout for decisions they make.

Four of the five board positions will be up for re-election in May. One board member resigned earlier this month and three incumbents andndash; Larry Anderson, Ken Caylor and Sue Chambers andndash; have decided not to run.

That leaves the three outgoing board members free to make decisions without political implications; to decide some critical issues based solely on what they think is best for the teachers, employees and students in our schools.

On the flip side, the four new people elected to the board in May will have many of the hard choices made for them andndash; at least for short while. And with decisions being made now for the 2009-10 school year, the new board members, upon taking their seats in July, will have some time to get up to speed.

Who, in their right mind, would want to enter the budget quagmire in these uncertain times? Who will volunteer for long hours in too many meetings with too few easy choices and no compensation? This is who: people who care about our children's education, the teachers who provide it and the staff who support it.

We believe there are good people in our community who are ready for the challenge. The filing deadline for the May election is March 19.