Editor's note: I've written about my daughter in this space many times since she was born five years ago. This week, for the first time in her life, Alia specifically asked that I write about something that happened to her: losing her first tooth. And she wanted to andquot;writeandquot; it herself. The following is the unedited column dictated to me by Alia.)


?How does Alia feel when Mommy points out her tooth is loose?

?How does Alia feel while she's drawing at the table when her tooth is loose?

?How does Alia feel when the tooth pops out - at first and then later?

Find out in this story!

One afternoon after Alia got home from school she was looking for her Mommy and found her relaxing in the backyard on the deck.

andquot;Ahh, it's so nice to relax,andquot; said Mommy, turning her head to little Alia.

Then mommy gleams in a confused, curious way at little Alia. Mommy realizes that little Alia's tooth at the bottom level was moving! Mommy pointed out the tooth was moving to little Alia and then?

andquot;Aaaahhhhhhh!andquot; screamed little Alia.

She didn't like the way it felt when she moved the tooth around with her tongue and finger, pushing it around. She didn't like the way it felt. It felt? andquot;uncomfortable!andquot; little Alia said.

andquot;Now what am I going to do?andquot; said little Alia.

Later that evening, Alia was watching the Scooby Doo and the Lochness Monster and then, while she was wiggle her tooth around, it felt comfortable now, and fun, too!

Later that evening (again), Alia was in the bathroom, climbing up onto the counter and, while she had her head up high and was about to lift her foot on the counter and still on her knees, she was still wiggling her tooth around, too, and that was the last time she got to wiggle it around because it fell out!

Alia put it in her My First Tooth box and surprised her mommy. Her tooth box was made out of glass and was very fragile. It said andquot;My First Toothandquot; and had decorations all around the top.

After Alia surprised mommy, she put the tooth under her pillow and fell asleep that night.

The next morning when Alia woke up there was a package laying on her pillow.

andquot;Yay! The tooth fairy came!andquot; Alia said. She peered into the box and what did she see?

It was a mini-sized Rainbow Dash My Little Pony! Alia was so happy she ran out to the big table and started playing ponies with her brand new pony with her Daddy. The tooth fairy brought it, so it was special.

The End.


1. She feels surprised!

2. She feels sad because it doesn't feel comfortable!

3. At first, she feels surprised. Later, she's feels happy because she gets a brand new pony from the tooth fairy!


Scott Graves is the editor of the Curry Coastal Pilot. He can be reached by calling (541) 469-3123 or sgraves@curry pilot.com.