The Curry Coastal Pilot

Robert R. Taylor of Pistol River, passed away Aug. 18, 2013, at his residence.

He was born June 26, 1937, in Rome, Ga., and lived much of his life in San Francisco and Hawaii.

Robert loved the arts; he was a very accomplished artist with many of his paintings being sold all over the world.

He also had another great love - that was for Ferraris which he also considered to be art on wheels. And he loved his home on the ocean near the Pistol River. He was a great pinochle player and taught all his boys to play it well. He enjoyed being sarcastic at times and that, we guess, was part of his charm. We will miss him.

He is survived by his second wife Hassie; sons Bobby, Todd, Jean-Paul, and Michael; grandchildren Jonathan, Asia, and Lucca.

No service is planned.

Submitted by the family.