G. Kelly Sievers, 57, Brookings, died July 5, 2001, at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif.

Mr. Sievers died of an unrelated heart ailment after battling Myeofibrosis, a rare blood disorder, for more than two years.

He was a man of incredible energy and interest who will be missed by many who loved him.

He was president and chief executive officer of Turbine Metal Technology Inc., located in Tujunga, Calif., and TMT Research Development Inc., in Smith River for 24 years, where he held more than 20 patents.

He negotiated the sale of the company to General Electric Accessory Services in 1999. He worked in commercial aviation industries for more than 34 years, beginning in 1967 with Pacific Airmotive Corp. in Burbank, Calif., as a FAA certified jet engine overhaul mechanic.

Mr. Sievers professional career included Airline Engine Monitoring Engineer and Director of PT6 and Twin Pac Engine Overhaul for Pacific Airmotive Corp., field engineer on Tyne, Spey, PT6, Twin Pac and and Allison 250 engines for Airwork Corp. in Millville, N.J., and director of marketing and sales for Chromizing Co. in Gardena, Calif.

In addition to his business pursuits, Mr. Sievers was an accomplished pilot in both fixed wing and rotor craft, and a race car builder and driver.

Following his Air Force training, he served eight years (1964-73) in the California Air National Guard as flight engineer aboard C-97 and C-130 transport aircraft.

Before his illness, he was a consistent winner of the Nevada Silver Challenge Auto Race.

He was survived by his wife Michelle and sister Marlene of Houston, Texas.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to City of Hope, Department of Hematology, Duarte, Calif.