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The Pistol River Concert Association presents Betty and the Boy in concert at 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 9, at the Pistol River Friendship Hall, 24252 Carpenterville Road.

Betty Jaeger is a self-taught vocalist and writes a majority of the quintet's down-tempo and melodramatic tunes which fall into the genres of folk, bluegrass and rock. Her lyrics are replete with imagery of animals and nature, but it's a fairy tale more in the fashion of Grimm than Disney, with minimalist guitar styling to accompany them, according to a news release.

Jaeger met Josh Harvey in Montana and the two began combining their music into what has become Betty and the Boy today.

Harvey is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist born in Portland. He began playing upright bass and guitar during his adolescence and mandolin and banjo soon after he met Jaeger.The two began performing in the Northwest as a duo. Josh's songwriting capabilities add the more quirky side to their music.

Joining Jaeger and Harvey are band members Michelle Whitlock, Nanci McDonald and Jon Conlon.

Whitlock has been playing the violin since the age of 3 and pursued a music degree from Indiana University.

McDonald started her musical endeavors at age 5 in her native New England.She currently volunteers with the Eugene Symphony and teaches private cello lessons.McDonald also sings and plays ukulele and guitar tunes.

Conlon, also self-taught, is a bassist from Washington, D.C.His experience with studio recording has led him to record some of Betty and the Boy's tracks.

Tickets are $15 and are available at Wright's Custom Framing and Art Supplies in Brookings and at Gold Beach Books in Gold Beach. Tickets may also be reserved online at or by calling 541-247-2848.