Brookings parks employee George Kreger and Flora Pacifica employee Vicente Zavala secured 32 hanging flower arrangements to light poles along Chetco Avenue Tuesday morning as part of the city's beautification plan.

The flowers - in an exploding array of solid and variegated pink, white, red, purple, yellow and magenta petunias - are expected to grow another foot or 2 throughout the summer.

The city is spending $10,720 in urban renewal funds for the flowers and the maintenance of them and the flowering pear trees that line Chetco Avenue. The flower baskets will come down in October.

"I've already had two phone calls, people calling me randomly, from people ecstatic about the flower baskets," said Parks Director Tony Baron. "It's really hitting home."

Next year, the city hopes to adorn every light pole along Chetco Avenue with the colorful baskets.