The Curry Coastal Pilot

Members of the Pelican Bay Arts Association life drawing group, a loose-knit collection of artists that meets from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Thursdays, has been chosen as the association's featured artist for May.

As the name implies, life drawing sessions use a live model, who poses for three 20-minute sessions, giving each participating artist three different looks to capture. Some artists sketch with pencil or charcoal, some with paint. The model usually gets at least one drawing from each artist.

The sessions are open to all association members, but are attended each week by about a dozen regulars, including long-time members Jay Mosby, Claudia Mach and Buzz Stewart, who was able to recall a lot of the group's history.

"We started in about 1974, only then we were in a building by the port. And later, we moved to a place next to the highway. We also had some of our sessions in a classroom at Azalea Middle School and, for a short time, held sessions in the house that Horst Wolf now lives in. It was shortly after that when we moved to the Manley."

Buzz also reported that Peggy Mory and the late Liz James were very much involved in the group in the early days, adding, "Liz was fantastic at this. Her drawings were in great demand."

Another artist Buzz was quick to acknowledge is Charlotte Palmer, who, for years, arranged for models to pose for the group. Recently, Mach has been arranging the models who pose for the class.

When asked what he enjoys most about life drawing, Buzz said, "It's an opportunity to just get up there and do what you want to do - not worry about the details or think too much. It's a chance to really loosen up."

Buzz also indicated that social aspects - getting together with other artists, as well as the models - makes the group interesting and fun. For example, last week's model was a young man from the country of Georgia, a former exchange student who wants to relocate here.

Three members of life drawing will do a live demonstration during today's (May 10) Second Saturday Art Walk from 3:15 to 4 p.m.

Anyone who wants to join the group or pose for one of its weekly sessions can call Manley Arts Center and Gallery at 541-469-1807.