Incumbent Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Beaman has served on the bench for nearly seven years and it's the variety of her work and the ability to make a positive difference in people's lives that makes the job exciting.

"As a judge in Curry County, I preside over all different types of matters. The variety of the work is what keeps me interested," Beaman said.

Beaman, 47, of Brookings, has been serving as judge in Coos and Curry counties since 2007, when she was appointed by Governor Ted Kulongoski after the retirement of Judge Richard Mickelson.

In 2008, Beaman was elected to the bench in a general election following her appointment by the governor to that position.

As a trial judge, Beaman presides over criminal and civil cases, dissolutions, custody issues, juvenile dependency, juvenile delinquency, mental health issues, traffic citations, small claim cases, foreclosures, evictions and probate matters.

"This experience, coupled with my extensive criminal law background, makes me the most qualified candidate for this position," she said.

In her official campaign material, Beaman writes, "I strive to treat all of the parties and professionals who come before me with respect, understanding, compassion, consistency, and fairness. I believe that a judge should be able to listen well, discern facts, have compassion for others, practice patience, and make decisions without concern of outside influence."

Beaman lives in Brookings with her husband, Jess, and two children, Luke and Jake. The family is involved in many school, athletic and youth programs. is active in the Kalmiopsis Elementary and Azalea Middle School Parent Teacher Organizations, the Brookings Harbor Booster Club, Brookings Youth Activities, and the Brookings Harbor Soccer League.

A closer look

andbull;What frustrates you the most and why?

"I am most frustrated by the lack of community programs and resources available to the courts and parties in Coos and Curry Counties. For example, someone who suffers from a mental illness cannot get the help that he or she needs because we just do not have it available in our communities."

andbull;What is the toughest decision you have had to make?

"I make tough decisions every day as a judge. The toughest of my cases involve child custody decisions between two good parents because a judge in Oregon cannot order joint custody."

andbull;What are your outside activities, hobbies and interests?

"Other than trying to keep active in my community, most of my outside activities revolve around my children, ages 12 and 10."

andbull;How would you describe yourself? How would your peers describe you?

"I would first say I am a good mom to my sons and, hopefully, a good wife. My peers might say I am driven, organized, efficient, fair minded, compassionate, and understanding."

andbull; What are your standards for success in your job and your life?

"Success in my position as a judge is measured by whether our court is able to promptly resolve matters so that justice has been served."

andbull;If you could start your legal career over, what would you do differently?

"I don't think I would do anything differently. I don't have any regrets."

andbull;If not a judge/attorney, what other job or career would you pursue and why?

"I would be in marketing for a professional soccer team because I love the sport and would like to share my enthusiasm about it with others."

andbull;Who are your role models (past and present) and why?

"My role models are my parents. Even thought they were divorced, they chose to work together to parent. Although not always easy, they put aside any differences and put their children first."

andbull;What do you like best about your job?

"I like juvenile court best. In juvenile court I feel that I can make a difference. In juvenile court, the judge can work to help kids be rehabilitated."

andbull;What do you hate most about your job?

"People often come to court with a question about a legal issue and I have to tell them that I am not able to answer their questions. Judges, by law, cannot give legal advice."

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