The Port of Brookings Harbor has received a $550,000 grant from the Oregon State Marine Board to replace the parking lot between the public boat ramp and Harbor Sanitation District, and install sidewalks, curbs and a stormwater treatment area.

The work will require the demolition of 64 existing parking spots and site preparation, to make way for 80 new spaces, including handicapped ones. Marine board engineers designed a layout that increases the number of boat trailer and single-car parking spaces, accommodates stormwater, connects a new restroom to the parking area and improves traffic flow.

The grant will be supplemented with $25,000 the port put up in cash and $53,480 in in-kind contributions.

The marine board is funded by registration fees and marine fuel taxes paid by boaters. No general fund tax dollars are used to support the agency or its programs. Boater-paid fees go back to boaters in the form of law enforcement services such as on-water enforcement, training and equipment; education and outreach materials and boating access facilities.