Black-Out, a fledgling band from Roseburg, will present a rock concert from 9 p.m. to midnight Saturday, March 22, at 101 Bar and Grill.

There is no cover charge. The venue is at 98141 W. Benham Lane, Harbor.

Black-Out consists of Kensolo, guitarist, singer and songwriter; Jason Jones, bass and Norman Good, drummer.

"What is kind of unique about Black-Out is how far we have come in just one year," Kensolo said in an email to the Pilot.

The band started about a year ago when Good heard Kensolo's bedroom recordings on the Internet that he had been sharing for six years. He asked Kensolo to play an acoustic show with him at a venue called Mystic Earth.

"We had a great time and he asked me if I would come over and play some music," Kensolo said. "I agreed it would be fun. And admittedly it was a little awkward at first because Norman wasn't a drummer yet."

Good played guitar, and Jones had not played bass.

"So when we first started, we all wanted to make a band happen, and we even had three members that were ready to make it happen, but at that point, we were just three guitar players," Kensolo said.

The three musicians traded between the guitar, drums and bass until they figured out the most comfortable positions for the trio, Kensolo said.

"After a few weeks of goofing around, we figured it out," Kensolo said.

Black-Out considers itself an original, alternative-rock band, that also covers songs for fun, including music from bands such as Nine Inch Nails, The White Stripes, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine and even some Smashing Pumpkins.

"But we don't take that part too seriously, playing all those great tunes are sort of our way of shaking hands with the audience," Kensolo said. "We like to write, but we know people like to hear a song they recognize every now and then, too."

Original songs that the band has recorded are available online for free at