Del Norte Sheriff's deputies Sunday recovered a trailer and painting equipment worth more than $25,000 and returned it to a Harbor resident from whom it was stolen.

According to Curry County Sheriff Lt. Dave Ward, the victim had two trailers stolen about two weeks ago. Upon hearing that officials in Del Norte had found one of them along Oceanview Drive in Smith River, the man drove south to retrieve it. It contained a paint-striping machine valued at $15,000 and two other painting apparatuses each worth $5,000 Ward said.

He said he didn't know if Del Norte planned to press charges against the thieves. Del Norte County Sheriff's officials did not get back with additional information as of Tuesday afternoon.

Harbor has been hit by a string of car and personal property thefts in recent months as county sheriff's deputy patrol numbers have been cut in the past year as county revenue shrinks.

Residents are advised to be aware of suspicious people or vehicles in their neighborhoods, lock vehicles, homes and outbuildings, and take extra security measures to prevent theft.