Evergreen Federal Bank's beloved BearFest Bears will soon be heading back to the Bear Hotel in Grants Pass. The bears, which have decorated downtown Brookings from May to the New Year, were welcomed by residents and visitors to the area.

Having the bears visit was at the request of Brookings Mayor Ron Hedenskog who contacted Evergreen Federal Bank president Jeff Hyde several months ago.

"We have heard from many residents and visitors that they would like to see the Bears become permanent residents of the City's downtown area," Hedenskog said.

With that request, Evergreen agreed to have several bears visit while constructing a Brookings Bruin of their own. Evergreen artists have already started the construction of the Bruin at Evergreen's Bear Hotel in Grants Pass.

Delivery and installation of Evergreen's Brookings Bear is scheduled for June of 2014.

"We look forward to unveiling the new Bruin Bear, Hyde said. "It will be part of Evergreen Federal Bank's 80th Anniversary gift to Brookings."