Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

With no rain in the forecasts through the remainder of the year, Brookings will end with half its normal rainfall.

The total is just 35.03 inches, as recorded at the Curry Coastal Pilot's downtown weather station.The average since the Pilot's station was installed is 62.5 inches. The average in records kept from 1912 to 2002, chiefly at the Brookings airport,is 76.34 inches.

The record is the same in Crescent City, where it is expected to be the driest year on record: only 29 inches against a normal year of 60 inches.

This is the second-driest year in Brookings records. The lowest total was just 28.68 inches in 1929.

This will be the driest December on record: Just 1.85 inches of rain, measured on nine days.

That's a real contrast to 15.03 inches in December 2012, and to the averages. The December average at the Pilot station is 11.07 inches; in the longterm data it is 12.58 inches.

In fact, the monthly rainfall totals for the rain season so far are all the lowest since the weather station was installed in 2006. That's just 6.22 inches, compared with more than 42 inches in 2012.

The first quarter of 2013 was just as dry: a total of only 15.26 inches fell through March 31, compared to a drenching 37 inches in 2012.

The low rainfall is also reflected in the dry days during the year. There have been only 86 days with measurable rainfall in 2013, and only nine days with more than an inch of rain. The rainiest day in 2013 was 2.2 inches on March 5.

The summer was normal, which means dry. There was no measurable rain in July, and just trace amounts in August and October. September fell just shy of the wettest month of the year at only 5.51 inches; March was 5.57 inches.

In other 2013 weather records, the highest temperature measured by the Pilot was 101.2 on Sept. 9, with the lowest 27.5 on Dec. 8. The peak wind gust was 38 mph on Sept. 28 in the same storm that dropped the bulk of September's rainfall.

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