Brookings Police on Friday had yet to find a suspect in a shooting incident on Easy Street Tuesday in which 10 bullets struck three houses, with bullets lodging inside two of those homes.

Nobody was injured in the incident and several tips called into police since then have yet to produce solid leads, said Brookings Police Lt. Donny Dotson.

"We don't have enough yet to determine who it was, exactly what happened and what the motive was," Dotson said.

Some in the community speculated it was a drive-by shooting, but Dotson said there is no indication it was related to gangs.

"The shots may have been fired from a moving vehicle, but it's not gang-related," he said. "I don't believe there is any more danger at this time. There is nothing to indicate that it will happen again in that area or any area of town."

According to police, sometime after 2 a.m. Tuesday, an unknown person fired multiple rounds from a .45-caliber handgun at homes on Easy Street between First and Fifth streets.

Residents did not find bullet damage until after police began knocking on doors and asking residents for information, Dotson said. Police recovered at least 10 casings found on the roadway.

A bullet was found lodged in the exterior wall of one house. A bullet went through a window, an interior wall and lodged in the wall of a closet. Two bullets struck the outside of a third house, with one bullet found lodged in an interior wall, Dotson said.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call the police department at 541-469-3118, or if they wish to remain anonymous, to call Curry County Crime Stoppers at 541-412-0989 or toll-free at 888-974-0000.

"Sometimes a little bit of information can point us in the right direction," Dotson said.