The off-leash dog park at McVay Rock State Recreation Site is undergoing renovations.

Half of the grassy area at the dog park has been marked off and the turf there has been taken out and tilled in order to prepare it for new turf that will be installed next spring.

Anna Krug, park manager for Oregon State Parks' Harris Beach Management Unit, said the turf in the off leash dog area had deteriorated and it was time to improve it.

"It was getting pretty rough. Dogs like to dig and so do gophers," Krug said.

She said installing new turf in the spring will make it a nicer facility for people and pets.

The project will be completed in two stages, with half of the new turf laid in spring 2014 and the other half the following spring. Krug said it is being done in two stages to make sure pet owners will always have some place to take their pets.

McVay Park is the only park in the Brookings area where dog owners can allow their dogs to run around without a leash. The 18.9 acre park was purchased by the state between 1970 and 1974. McVay Rock is named after William R. McVay who settled nearby in 1861.

"We're lucky enough to have a property that can accommodate dogs without a leash," Krug said. "A lot of parks do have them but they are not available at all of them."