Almost half of Curry County's eligible voters have posted their ballots, with six more days left before the votes will be tallied.

More than 4,600 voters - or 34.78 percent - of the 13,273 eligible voters had cast their ballots as of Tuesday afternoon, said Elections Clerk Reneandeacute; Kolen.

"It's pretty consistent," she said. "We'll easily get 5 percent a day (leading up to Election Day), and we'll even get 10 percent a day on Monday and Tuesday."

She expects a 60 percent turnout overall for a regular special district election.

Usually, special elections don't attract as many voters as general elections, which often feature key races and issues at the state and national levels. But this November, Curry County voters are mailing in their ballots regarding four major tax issues. (See related story below.) The measures include:

andbull;Measure 8-73, the Curry County law enforcement three-year operating levy, appears on all ballots. This measure asks voters to increase property taxes by $1.35 per $1,000 assessed valuation to maintain public safety levels at their current level.

Those interested in determining how much their taxes would increase if county Measure 8-73 passes can visit the county website at and type into the tax calculator the assessed valuation of the property in question.

andbull;Measure 8-72, the City of Port Orford police department funding levy, appears on the ballots of Port Orford residents. This measure asks voters to reinstate and increase their property taxes to $1.90 per $1,000 - an increase of 59 cents per $1,000 - to maintain the police department there.

andbull;Measure 8-74, Curry Health District funding for a new hospital in Gold Beach and improvements at the Port Orford Clinic, appears on all ballots for residents of the Curry County Health District. That district is defined as generally from Pistol River north to Langlois and east to Agness. The measure asks voters for a 30-year, $10 million general obligation bond to match a federal grant for construction to replace the aging facility in Gold Beach.

andbull;Measure 8-75, a seven-year capital projects levy appears on ballots of Gold Beach residents. It asks for a 35-cent per $1,000 assessed valuation increase to purchase a new fire truck.

Ballots must be placed in a white ballot box by 8 p.m. on Nov. 5 or mailed in the envelope provided with the ballot and get to the County Clerk's office on or before Nov. 5. A postmark of Nov. 5 will not suffice. The ballot must be physically in the County Clerk's office or in a white ballot collection box by 8 p.m. on Nov. 5. Voters must sign the envelope before submitting it; unsigned ballots will not be counted.

Election results will be posted on the Pilot website Tuesday evening after ballots are tabulated.