A lot of young people dream of appearing on television or the movies, but not everyone gets their 30 seconds of fame.

Megan Hulen, 14, a freshman at Brookings-Harbor High School, will be making her television debut today (Sept. 26) at 5 p.m. on the Hub Network's First Annual Halloween Bash, a holiday variety show hosted by Kenan Thompson. The show includes a costume contest with a winner from each state; Megan is the winner from Oregon and will be appearing in the "everyday stuff" category.

"I'm a bookworm," Megan said. "I entered the contest because I love Halloween and I want to work in TV or the movies."

But appearing on a TV show isn't all glamor that it's made out to be. For Megan Hulen, it was a lot of sitting around and waiting.

"You hear about how hard work it is and how long the hours are, and it really is," said Shari Hulen, Megan's mother. Shari accompanied Megan down to California and went with her to the shooting of the show. Most nights of shooting, they would not get back to their hotel room until 11:30 p.m.

There was even school for all the contestants, since under child labor laws they are required to put in a certain amount of school hours for the time they work.

Megan said she was only on stage for a short amount of time, saying it took eight seconds to walk out on the stage and another eight seconds to walk back off the stage.

Shari Hulen said the contestants were confined in a room for most of the three days the show was filmed at an airplane hanger at the Santa Monica Airport.

"It could discourage a lot of people to be star," Shari said. "Things are different when you are one of the stars and when you are just the supporting staff."

Megan said she enjoyed meeting all the other contestants and was surprised at how kind and helpful they were, especially since they were competing for a grand prize.

"The costumes the contestants had were amazing," Megan said.

While several of her friends want to watch the show with her today, Megan said she doesn't plan on watching it with them.

"It's different to watch yourself on TV," she said.

Besides her adventures in Hollywood, Megan will be appearing in the Brookings-Harbor Community Theater's upcoming production of "Puss in Boots" that opens in December.