Don't let the calm skies fool you, sneaker waves are a danger on the beaches of Curry County.

With moderate swells expected at beaches over the next couple of days, sneaker waves can be a danger, with beach goers not expecting large waves at the beach because of the calm weather at the coast.

Sven Nelaimischkies, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Medford, said a large storm hundreds of miles away can create larger than normal waves at the coast here, even though the weather here is calm. He said light winds and clearing skies can draw people out onto jetties and rocks, and that moderate swells can sneak up on people, washing them off of jetties and rocks.

"It can bring in wave action suddenly when it was calm just a little bit ago," Nelaimischkies said.

Those going to the beach should never turn their back on the ocean and should avoid jetties and climbing on rocks.