About 120 freshmen from Brookings-Harbor High School learned about aviation first hand during a field trip to the Brookings Airport this week.

The field trip, sponsored by the Brookings Flying Club, is intended to spark interest in aviation and aviation careers with students, and to encourage students to apply for the club's scholarship in the future.

Students were divided into four groups and circled through four different stations. One station showed students how to conduct a pre-flight check, another demonstrated airport rules, the third demonstrated the basics of airplane navigation and the last one gave students a tour of the airport.

Lily Walker, a freshman at BHHS, said she thought it was a great field trip but that airplane navigation was a little harder than she thought it would be.

"I learned a lot about airplanes and how to plot flight paths," Walker said. "I didn't realize there was so much math in flying."

When asked, most students said they had never been to the Brookings Airport, which is located at 17330 Parkview Drive, and that flying was more difficult than they thought.

"I learned it's a lot harder than it looks. It's complicated," said freshman McKenzie Edwards.

Warren Glaze, one of the flying club members and an organizer for the event, said that there are worries in the aviation industry that there will not be enough pilots in the future. He hoped the field trip would inspire some students to think about a career in the aviation field.

Every year the Brookings Flying Club awards at least $1,000 in scholarship money to a BHHS student pursuing a career in aviation. The club raises money for the scholarship fund by giving flights to the community on its annual airport day which takes place Memorial Day weekend.

One of the students at the field trip, Fernando Lira, talked to one of the club members about learning how to fly and he will receive a free flight in an airplane on airport day. Lira said he's been into airplanes and things since he was young.

"Planes are a unique kind of transportation," Lira said. "It's pretty cool being here and seeing how it takes place."