Police have arrested Timothy J. Burris, 26, of Harbor, in connection with a series of automobile thefts in Port Orford, Albany, Brookings and Harbor.

Burris has been charged with six counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, six counts of unlawful entry to a motor vehicle, theft in the second degree, and he was arrested on warrants for burglary, theft, criminal mischief and a probation violation and outstanding warrants in California.

Brookings Police Lt. Donny Dotson said officers apprehended Burris without incident after he was seen walking in the 600 block of Chetco Avenue at 8 p.m. Thursday. After his arrest, Burris confessed that he stole six cars and stole items from several others.

A few weeks ago, according to police, Burris stole a car in Port Orford and then drove it to Albany. He left the car in Albany, where the Albany Police Department recovered it. He then stole another car, which he drove to the Brookings area, Dotson said.

Beginning on the evening of Oct. 1, Burris went on a car theft spree, police said, stealing one car from Fir Street, and another from Chetco Avenue, which was then abandoned on Wendbourne Lane in Harbor, where another car was stolen.

Bill Krause, who lives with his wife on Wenbourne Lane, was relieved to get his stolen 1990s Honda sedan back.

"It's not much of a car, but it's the only one we have," he said Friday. "I really appreciate the effort the police made to find the car and arrest someone. I know the county doesn't have a lot of money, so I'm glad they made it a priority."

He added, with a chuckle, "The car stereo was stolen, but it hadn't worked for years."

The stolen cars were mostly Hondas made in the 1990s, which were entered most likely with a modified key found in Burris's possession, Dotson said.

Hondas made in the 1990s are among the most stolen cars in the United States and in Oregon, topping lists from the National Insurance Crime Bureau that tracks car thefts in America.

When Burris was arrested, police found car stereos, stolen credit cards and stolen driver licenses in his possession.

Burris is lodged in the Curry County Jail and the investigation is ongoing.