A second early-season storm was expected to bring 2 to 4 inches of rain and heavy winds to Curry County starting this morning (Sept. 28) and continue through Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

The heaviest rain is expected late Saturday evening through Sunday, with possible wind gusts up to 55 mph at the headlands. A chance of showers is expected through Tuesday with sunny weather forecast for Wednesday.

This weekend's storm was of concern to Brookings city officials because today is Curry Transfer and Recycling's biannual Free Yard Clipping Pick-Up event. Residents taking advantage of the event were asked to ensure their yard clippings are secure and not located near drains and culverts.

Last year's fall storm, that dumped almost 8 inches of rain on the county in 12 hours, was exacerbated by debris that clogged storm drains.

Ensuing floods caused about $3 million in damage to homes and infrastructure throughout Brookings alone.

The National Weather Service reported that local rivers are expected to experience "significant" rises, and debris slides could occur in areas where wildfires burned this summer, on the eastern edge of Curry County.

The city's Public Works staff will work overtime throughout the event, monitoring and clearing drainage systems, said City Manager Gary Milliman.

Anyone observing debris, bags or other materials in a drainage ditch, or flooding of any kind, should call 541-469-3118, and press zero (0) when the message begins, to notify Police dispatch. The operator will contact the appropriate public works or emergency service personnel to respond.