After being alerted by U.S. postal inspectors about two identical packages that had been sent from Texas to the Brookings area, law enforcement officials discovered an indoor marijuana growing operation on Carpenterville Road.

James Gillaspie was arrested for a parole violation by Curry County Sheriff's deputies, and the operation is under investigation, with further arrests expected.

The sheriff's office was alerted by postal inspectors on Sept. 13 about the packages, after the inspectors' K-9 unit in Portland detected controlled substances on the packages.

The first package was delivered by a postal inspector, with the assistance of the Brookings Police Department and Curry County Sheriff's Office, to a person in the Brookings area.

The addressee gave consent to open the package, stating that he believed the packages contained seat covers from Texas. The package contained $19,000 in cash and the postal inspector seized the package.

The other package was addressed to Gillaspie. He denied knowing the contents of the package and did not give consent to open it. The postal inspector took possession of the package, and is waiting for a warrant to open it.

While delivering the package, a resident of the home informed detectives that there was a medical marijuana grow on site and gave permission to look inside the residence. Detectives determined the growing operation was not in compliance and Gillaspie was arrested for a parole violation.

After applying for a search warrant, sheriff's deputies, assisted by the Brookings Police Department, Oregon State Police and Del Norte Drug Task Force, searched the premises. A total of 76 mature plants and starter plants were seized along with electrical ballasts, grow lights and other equipment.