Weeds and berry vines growing along the shoulders of Highway 101 through Brookings will receive more frequent attention since the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has contracted with the city of Brookings to take care of the brush.

ODOT will pay the city $12,500 a year for vegetation control along the section of Highway 101 that passes through the city and two areas at the south end of the Chetco River Bridge.

"We have received a lot of complaints about overgrown vegetation along the highway, and ODOT has reduced its maintenance effort in this area," said City Manager Gary Milliman."They've been sending a crew out of North Bend to do this work twice a year. It's very inefficient for a crew to spend four hours a day on the road to travel down here and do this work."

Under the terms of the maintenance agreement, the city will cut grass and vegetation, and use its equipment to clear storm drain culverts along the highway at least twice a year. The city will also use its street sweeper along Highway 101 from Carpenterville Road to Benham Lane every other month.