Forensic reports indicate that Charles Starks, whose bones were discovered under a trailer in Port Orford, died of blunt force trauma as a result of homicide, which could result in additional charges against his son, Corey T. Starks.

District Attorney Everett Dial said he is waiting for forensic reports to be completed before he makes any decisions about filing additional charges.

Currently, he is being held in Portland on federal charges of taking about $50,000 in Social Security benefits that belonged to his father.

Here, a warrant has been issued for his arrest on "abuse of corpse" charges after Corey Starks said he'd hidden his father's dead body under a trailer at the Anchor Inn RV Park in Port Orford in March 2010.

Corey Starks allegedly told a neighbor that he and his father had an argument and he had left the home, returning a half-hour later to find his father dead.

The body was found March 11 when the new owners of the RV park were cleaning up the grounds and discovered a skull under the trailer. The remainder of the skeleton was found later that week.

Federal investigators tracked Corey Starks, 38, down in Minnesota after they found someone was still drawing on the elder Stark's Social Security benefits and using a bank account in both of their names.

He was arrested April 9 in Remer, Minn. The following day, Curry County Detective Dave Gardiner requested an arrest warrant for Corey Starks.

"At this time," he wrote in the affidavit, "Corey Starks is the focal suspect in allegations of abuse of a corpse, Social Security fraud, and homicide."

According to court documents, a neighbor said Corey Starks admitted he and his father did not get along and that he "was glad his father was dead and gone."

A federal judge in Portland said Corey Starks must remain in jail, as they feel he is a flight risk. It could be weeks before the forensic examination of the remains is complete.