The Oceanside Diner is moving across the street from their corner location on Lower Harbor Road to a spot in the Righetti building near the boat launch. Doors will reopen at the new location on April 15 at 4 a.m., serving the same menu with the same chef in the kitchen.

Oceanside Diner first opened on Jan. 1, 1998, and Harriet Opsahl, owner, and Michael Daigan, chef and manager, are proud to have served the Brookings area for the last 15 years.

"The opportunity came up to get a little bigger place over here where the fisherman are actually launching the boats," Opsahl said. And with a flood damaging the old building, Opsahl was ready for the move.

"I would say that (the flood) contributed to our decision because that was the third time in 15 years that we had 2 feet of water in the dining room," Opsahl said. Elaine Righetti owns the new building and the staff at the Oceanside Diner are appreciative for the opportunity to move in.

The diner closed on March 31 and Opsahl, Daigan and their contractors have spent the last two weeks prepping the new location for opening morning. They had to remodel the kitchen to fit their needs but the rest of the move has been just finding room for all the necessities that running a diner has, according to Opsahl.

"So many of (the customers) have offered to help (with the move). So many of them have stopped by to see how things are going. We are looking forward to seeing them all once we are open," Opsahl said.

Customers will walk in the door on April 15 to the same ambiance: NASCAR, fresh seafood and a friendly atmosphere. The diner will offer breakfast and lunch, as well as their catering expertise.

"I have done a private party for two and a party of 500," Daigan said of his past catering opportunities.

The couple are very thankful to have so many loyal customers who frequent their eatery and Opsahl is working hard to not have the move affect the diner and the customers.

No changes are being made to the menu or the prices of the dishes. "Everybody likes the food, the flair and the ambiance," Daigan said.

On Monday, the Oceanside Diner will be located at 16372 Lower Harbor Road and will be open from 4 a.m. to 1:45 p.m., seven days a week.