It was a night on the town for Gold Beach thespians and theater aficionados when the Ellensburg Theater Company presented the second annual Golda Awards Saturday.

Champagne, wine and beer flowed as people lined up to fill their plates with an assortment of goodies. There was enough food to satisfy the appetites of the 70 in attendance at the Rogue Playhouse, and then some.

A script, written by Anne Tlaker-Hall, with an Irish theme to coincide with St. Patrick's Day weekend, kept the pace moving between award presentations, singing, dancing and snippets from the plays of 2012.

All awards were presented by a lanky leprechaun, played by Dan Dresser, who described giving out the trophies as "giving out the gold."

Topping the number of awards was "The Uninvited" followed by "Willy Wonka." However, the theater company membership voted "Tuna Does Vegas" as the best comedy or drama of the year.

To help jog the audience's memory, the actors reprised their roles on the stage. In addition, the a capella group Purely Voice sang songs from the Christmas revue as well as a couple of other tunes. The Rogue Riverdancers also provided dancing entertainment with an Irish flair.

The evening began with theater board nominees giving a brief speech. The membership then voted and turned in their ballots during intermission.

New board members are Becky Howlett, Beth Jensen, Geri Kendall, Don Woods and Valerie MacGillivary. They join Philip Dickson, Sue Baczik and Barb Repp. A ninth member of the board recently resigned. That position will be filled by appointment.