The Curry Coastal Pilot

Progress continues on the Lower Stout Park Beautification Project in Brookings.

A small group of volunteers are working to create a garden landscape on the lower portion of the park, located on Oak Street a block uphill from Chetco Avenue. The group sees this as a challenging spot but one that is seen by many visitors going up Oak Street.

"We are fortunate that there is an old cistern well on the property that is full of water year round," said Tony Parrish, chairman of the project group. "This gives us the opportunity to use the water to irrigate all of Stout Park but also have a fountain featured in our landscape.

"The fountain will be a basalt rock structure placed on top of the well with water cascading down and returning to the well."

Local concrete contractor and artisan Mike Woudstra will be donating his time to build the fountain.

Plant selection has been a challenge.

"We have areas that are very dry to very wet," Parrish said. We also wanted to challenge ourselves as gardeners not to just throw rhodies and azaleas at the problem. We chose plants that would be of interest throughout the year and could withstand a herd of deer. Flowering plum and daffodils are leading the way."

The goal is to have the project completed for the Festival of Art in Stout Park on Aug. 3. Electric service has been installed in the park and conduit has been installed under the parking lot. The next job is to install the rest of the conduit to the well to power the pump.

Resources come from a combination of city government, businesses, and individuals donating time, services and money. The project committee is selling commemorative bricks that are placed along the sidewalk. Many have been installed already. They range from names of businesses, important dates, remembering old friends and missed pets. Bricks come in two sizes, 4 inches by 8 inches for $50, and 8 inches by 8 inches for $100. A corporate logo, 8-inch by 8-inch brick is also available for $250. Order forms are available at city hall.

The Lower Stout Park Beautification committee is comprised of Gro Lent, Vi Lovejoy, Barbara Edmiston, and Parrish, who expressed his thanks to all who have contributed to the project.