Three Brookings-Harbor High School choir members will be joining an elite group of singers when they perform in an upcoming concert in Portland.

Alyssia Evans will be performing with the All Northwest choir and Diondre Runyon and Matthew Raleigh will be taking part in the All-State choir. All performances will take place Sunday, Feb. 17.

"I'm excited," said Greg Goode, BHHS music director. "We've never had more than one kid go."

Vocal students decide whether they would like to audition. It is not the choosing of the director, Goode said.

The students prepare a recording and submit it to audition. When the judges review the recordings, they see only a number. From there, they make their decision, then choose from the top 20 performers in each voice - soprano, alto, tenor and bass. It is only after the selections are made that the numbers on the recordings are matched with the students name and school.

After the announcements are made, the students are sent the music and, unless they have a question about the music, they are on their own to practice.

All three seniors were excited that they were chosen. Only one of the four who auditioned wasn't chosen.

"I was really surprised," Evans, who sings alto, said. "I didn't think I auditioned very well."

Good disagreed.

"She did very well."

The All-Northwest group consists of students from six states.

Raleigh, who sings bass, said he was "just excited." His friend, Runyon, a tenor, also was excited, but admitted that he first wondered if Raleigh also made it. Runyan was ecstatic that he and his friend could go together.

The students will head to Portland on Thursday and attend the National Association for Music Education, Northwest Division, conference at the Oregon Convention Center. There they will work with world-class directors, Goode said.

The conference is held on odd numbered years and its location is rotated among three cities: Portland, Bellevue, Wash., and Spokane. The conference will not be held again in Portland until 2019.