A rash of car break-ins occurred in Gold Beach and Brookings over the weekend, with items stolen from several vehicles and no suspects in custody.

In Gold Beach at least 30 vehicles along Russell, Eighth, 10th, Lavin and 11th streets were broken into; in Brookings several cars were broken into on Timberline Drive, View and Oakwood courts and Homestead Road.

All incidents occurred during the early Saturday morning hours; the vehicles in Brookings were all reported to be unlocked.

Items stolen from the Brookings vehicles include fishing poles, zippered cases and purses.

"It appears they were grabbing anything of value," said Police Sgt. Kelby McCrae. "These were crimes of opportunity. They bypassed a locked car nearby."

As of Tuesday, the Brookings police had no suspects.

"We're continuing our investigation; looking into leads," McCrae said.

In Gold Beach police have video of one of the suspects, who might have been driving a blue Ford Ranger pickup. Two others are believed to be involved.

Police in both cities are encouraging residents and visitors to the area to keep valuables in their vehicles and to lock them to prevent break-ins.

Anyone with information regarding the break-ins is asked to call Gold Beach Police at 541-247-6671, or Brookings Police Department at 541-469-3118.