Trash-Doggin' is a never-ending job, said co-founder Ed Gross after the group's most recent foray up Old County Road on Saturday.

"Old County has been, and continues to be, the favorite dump site for the unsavory and unscrupulous trash dumpers of Brookings," he said. "Old County is a real producer."

This time, 14 "Dawgs" recovered a trailer and pickup load of trash, including a new crab pot, an old couch, numerous cushioned chairs, a steel car dolly, a barbecue, four tires, two portable toilets, three vacuum cleaners, a couple hundred pounds of broken glass and two bicycles. That was in addition to yard waste - trees, brush and soil - people had dumped over the edges after the recent storms.

"We found a pile of mud and trees and brush, just strung along the road," Gross said. "And there were several of those. It's just crazy."

Sometimes, the Dawgs find material, often mail, photos and other potentially incriminating trash, that can identify the dumper. And if law enforcement is able, they will follow up and try to find and prosecute the dumper.

The Trash Dogs is a volunteer citizen group that collects dumped material in the national forests in Curry County. It is funded by a grant; most of the money goes to dump fees and signage.

Volunteers last week included Ed and Bobbie Gross, Harve Timeus, Jerry Sweeney, Jerry Wulkowicz,Ashley Scala, Ron Lewis, Rusty Garrison, Kyle LaFazio, Bill Hauer, Del Hodges, Alan Middleton, James Fournier and Paul Davis.