The Curry Coastal Pilot

Brookings artist Pete Chasar, primarily a landscape painter, has taken on a new challenge and has recently completed a portrait of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States.

The portrait is acrylic on canvas with a painted gallery-wrap edge and measures 16-inches by 20-inches and may be view at The Snug, upstairs at Brian Scott Gallery. Chasar has created a second painting of Lincoln, only horizontal, and is hanging at South Coast Fitness.

Chasar has been planning a Lincoln portrait for several months. His decision has nothing to do with Hollywood.

"Despite what some may think, I didn't paint this in response to the new movie about Lincoln," Chasar said. "It's a nice coincidence. But I started working on it before the movie was released or even discussed in the media."

Chasar went to school and spent an early career in advertising in Metropolitan New York and in Arizona. His art today involves three diverse forms, including realistic contemporary landscape paintings, geometric sculptures, and abstract expressionist paintings.

With his landscape paintings, he strives to achieve the illusion of reality with a minimum of detail. Viewers often describe his landscapes as "serene."

Chasar describes his sculptural pieces have little or no emotional content, in that they represent nature at the molecular or atomic level. And with some sculptures, he uses transparent materials to make the viewer think there's more - or less - to the object than one sees.

His abstract paintings, too, represent nature, but nature reduced to simplified arrangements of color and elemental shape.

Recently, Chasar's art has been displayed at shows from Grand Rapids, Mich. to Sacramento, Calif. and Vancouver, Wash., and is currently on display at galleries in Southern Oregon and Northern California. His website is