Brookings city workers hope to pour concrete for the landing between the sidewalk and the skateboard park and ramp at Bud Cross Park today (Nov. 7), despite vandalism to the skate park and restrooms there over the weekend.

Vandals poured mortar mix into two toilets in the women's restroom and into the skate park, clogging one toilet and the drain at the bottom of the bowl of the skateboard park.

City officials did not have an estimate of the damage by press time Tuesday.

The work is part of a $134,000 accessibility improvement at Bud Cross. Public works' employees were trying to clear the drain at the bottom of the skateboard park Tuesday afternoon.

"It's kind of frustrating as the city is putting forth a major investment to improve this park," said City Manager Gary Milliman. "This, while others are engaged in criminal mischief at the same facility."