Richard Dominic Capella entered guilty pleas Wednesday to seven felony burglary and theft charges stemming from a nine-month-long, county-wide burglary spree.

District Attorney Everett Dial said Capella pleaded guilty to one count of felony burglary and six felony counts of first-degree thefts. He will be sentenced Nov. 29.

Capella, 41, was arrested June 20 in Brookings after sheriff's officers received information about possibly stolen items at a house on East Cougar Lane east of Brookings.

They obtained a search warrant and while attempting to serve it, Capella jumped from a two-story window and tried to run away. Brookings Police, who were assisting on the warrant service, used their K-9 unit to help apprehend and arrest him. The incident took about an hour.

During the search of the house, officers found a laptop computer and chainsaw taken from Coos-Curry Electric Co-Op in Port Orford, Sheriff John Bishop said then.

Then, law enforcement began to fill trucks, and hauled off andndash; just from that residence andndash; a washer and dryer, lawn mowers, stereo equipment, television sets, pictures, mirrors, power equipment, wheelbarrows, among other items.

Other victims reported thefts that included several chain saws, hammer guns, speakers, binoculars, pots and pans, a drum, silverware, a soap dish, vacuum cleaner, bedding, linens and towels, and cordless drills.

Reports of thefts related to his case extend from Sept. 29, 2011 to June 20, 2012.

There are eight victims in Coos and Curry counties, and least three other cases pending to which Capella has yet to plead.

"We just discovered them," Dial said of the cases. "We just got the lab stuff back."

Capella has also agreed to pay restitution to victims on cases that are still under investigation, he said.

A Curry County Grand Jury originally indicted Capella for 23 crimes, including 18 felonies. They included six counts of theft by receiving, interference with a police officer and escape after his arrest. Later, he was arraigned on seven charges of first-degree burglary, four of second-degree burglary, seven of theft by receiving, one of first-degree theft, two of second-degree theft, interfering with a police officer and escape.

Many of the items matched the descriptions of items stolen in other burglaries throughout the county.

Bishop said in July that law enforcement had "solved burglaries inside the Brookings city limits, outside the Brookings city limits, inside Gold Beach city limits, outside Gold Beach city limits, and in the Langlois and Port Orford areas."

"Deputies from all over the place are linking stuff up to Capella," said Undersheriff Bob Rector.