It took Brookings Police 20 seconds to arrest two men Thursday for at least 30 acts of vandalism in Brookings and Harbor that began in mid-September.

The two were arrested after a citizen on Ransom Avenue reported trash cans were being knocked over in the neighborhood. The citizen was able to give a description of the vehicle, which officers had been searching for from previous incidents, and found it within a minute, according to Lt. Donny Dotson.

Arrested were Jeffrey Stone, 23 and Christopher Wojcik, 21, on charges of first-degree criminal mischief.

"The two are not familiar to police; I believe this is the first time they've been in trouble," Dotson said.

Stone and Wojcik admitted to having not only tipping over numerous garbage cans, but to having thrown about 60 glass bottles throughout Brookings and Harbor in the past month. They also admitted to having thrown eggs and potatoes at houses and cars. In several cases, the bottles and potatoes resulted in broken windows and vehicle-body damage.

Currently, about 30 victims have been identified in Brookings and several others in Harbor.

The police department is continuing the investigation. They believe there might be others who have not yet reported similar incidents, and those people are encouraged to call the Brookings Police Department at 541-469-3118.