More than 70 Brookings-Harbor High School students completed a health history screening and braved being pricked by a needle Tuesday andndash; all part of donating blood to the American Red Cross.

"It's going really well," BHHS senior and blood drive coordinator Sarah Ziemer said. "Most (students) have been able to get through and donate. I think this one's the best one we've had. I think it's a really good way to give back to the community, and it goes to a really good cause."

The Red Cross hoped to collect 56 pints of blood, which would help 168 people.

"I have no doubt that we'll do it," said Christina Dunlap, an American Red Cross territory representative. "High schools are always the most successful blood drives we have."

Dunlap attributed the high donation rate to students having an opportunity to interact with their peers and sharing the experience as a group.

BHHS juniors Quentin Kellum and Alaura Marrington are two students who donated.

"It's something to do, it's fun, and I helped save six lives," Kellum said.

Kellum was able to give a double red cell donation, or two units of red blood cells.

"I just wanted to donate," BHHS junior Alaura Marrington said. "It helps three lives every time you donate."

BHHS typically holds two blood drives a year.

"This is a way they can make a huge difference in their community," Dunlap said. "By taking one hour out of their day to save three people's lives. It's pretty rewarding."