Charles Kocher, Pilot staff writer

With today's edition, the Curry Coastal Pilot takes on a new feel and look, marking a new chapter in the newspaper's 66-year history.

The changes andndash; both a slightly narrower page and new designs in our presentation andndash; come under the category of keeping up with the times. We've made the changes at the same time because both meant reworking and redesigning everything you see in every edition of the newspaper.

The Pilot crew and our corporate supporters have worked hard on this project, with every choice meant to help keep providing you andndash; the readers andndash; with the best possible package of local news and information.

The size of the page you see today matches the current newspaper industry standard, adopted to save on the cost of newsprint, save on the cost of shipping and mailing, and reduce the environmental impacts of our product.

By changing to the standard newsprint size, it will be easier for the Pilot to present materials from other newspapers, both advertisements and special features.

The more exciting changes are in presentation. Any artist can tell you that the shape of the canvas makes a difference in what you do. Anyone in marketing knows that it also pays to keep up with current styles and fashions.

Those things are both especially true with newspapers. We design and deliver to every subscriber with every edition a brand new product that is both familiar and different at the same time.To do that, our crew has to process thousands of words and dozens of images on deadline, and get the final product delivered to readers at the time they expect it.

In the background andndash; things the readers won't see andndash; we have also updated our publication software, and some of our supporting hardware, to facilitate the newspaper's production. In short, the Pilot crew and our supporting corporate staff have had a very busy few weeks.

Though the feel and look are new today, nothing changes about the Pilot's award-winning content andndash; some call it "fiercely local" andndash; or our staff members, who have worked long and hard to make these changes happen smoothly.

Every change and decision that the crew made was done with you andndash; the reader andndash; in mind. If you have questions or comments, please let us know; hearing from you is one of the joys of working at a community newspaper.