Officials in Brookings and Gold Beach are reporting a healthy flow of tourists this summer.

"Visitor numbers at the Chamber's Visitor Information Center are up slightly from the previous two years," said Les Cohen, president and CEO of the Brookings-Harbor Chamber of Commerce.

"At least one of the Brookings motels has enjoyed their best summer in four years," Cohen said. "Overall, I would say that Brookings-Harbor had a positive tourism season."

He said the visitor numbers at the Crissey Field State Welcome Center near the California/Oregon border have been growing as the result of better signage for which the Chamber lobbied the state.

He also noted thatthe area's visitor numbers during the five-year recession period have been steady and slightly up, while several other communities on the coast experienced significant decreases in visitors.

In Gold Beach, City Administrator Jodi Fritts reported for the second month in a row that tourism has increased there.

Fritts told the City Council Monday that the Visitor Center had 3,610 visitors in August.

"Occupancy rate was 80 percent, with one hotel still left to report," she said. "That is the best occupancy since August of 2004.

"The visitor center manager reports that Canada has been vacated and they are all passing through Gold Beach," Fritts said. "There have been a lot of foreigners this year from Europe and Asia as well. Travel Oregon has been targeting the international market and it appears we are feeling that.":

Fritts said local photographer Rich Watson has organized a group of 45 photographers from around the country to come this week for a special photo shoot.

"Two photographers are coming from Austria," she said.

"It's been two months since we have had Carson McHugh Marketing on board and they have already exceeded my expectations," Fritts said.

andbull;"We have a new Visitor Center logo.

andbull;"The new website ( launched this week.

andbull;"We have had some awesome TV buys during major sporting events.

andbull;"Special commercials have been created for the BrewFest and the Quilt Show.

andbull;"We got a 65 percent reduction on a bus ad in the Valley,

andbull;"We will have a featured ad for the next 12 months at the Medford Airport.

andbull;"We are working on a new city/area/trail map for distribution at the Visitor Center.

andbull;"Working on glass floats as our Tier I event.

andbull;"We are creating our first ever Media Kit in partnership with the Chamber. Lots of exciting stuff in a very short amount of time."